Ricardo Sampedro has taught English for various private language schools, given Ecology classes in a bilingual school in Buenos Aires, and also taught English at different levels in Spain at Euroschools. He is currently a freelance speaker and teacher trainer.

He worked for Oxford University Press Argentina for nearly ten years, giving hundreds of teacher training sessions and presentations for teachers of English all over Argentina , then serving as ELT marketing manager until he left to launch an independent teacher training project on Global Issues called Education for a Change.

Within this educational project he gave workshops and training courses dealing with issues such as environmental concerns, human rights, cultural understanding, education for peace, consumerism, and the mass media. The project's three main axes are the development of critical thinking skills, social skills, and empowerment.

He is now based in Spain, where he is continuing his research into music and its implementation in the ELT classroom with special emphasis on Global Issues.

He is co-author of Global Issues in the Resource Books for Teachers series, published by Oxford University Press.