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Pre-School Children
Pre-School Children

Our courses are tried and tested to stimulate very young minds and to provide the variety and structure you need to make every lesson a success.

Young Learners
Young Learners

Millions of young learners have started learning English with one of our coursebooks. We understand how children learn best, and support your teaching with resources you can rely on.

Adults/Young Adults
Teaching Adults/Young Adults

Choose what works best for your students – a one page, one lesson approach, a focus on speaking, a balance of all four language skills – using print and digital resources.


Choose from a range of courses that give the motivation, support and challenge teenagers need to achieve their potential.

Teaching and Learning

Applied Linguistics
Applied Linguistics

Leading authors in the field of applied linguistics share their thinking and research in different areas of study. Many have won prestigious awards for their writing.

Business and English for Specific Purposes
Business & English for Specific Purposes

Resources for business and vocational English - for careers (nursing, IT, aviation, gas and oil industry, etc), one-to-one teaching and business English classes at all levels.

Title or Series

English File Digital / Gold 3rd [cou_it_en_g]
English File Digital / Gold Third edition

A new edition of the best-selling English File, improved throughout with brand new digital components to use inside and outside the classroom. English File Third edition – the best way to get your students talking.

Go Live!
Go Live!

Una metodologia di provato successo con tanti elementi innovativi che si fonda sullo sviluppo del lessico e delle competenze.

Headway Digital Gold 5th [cou_en_it_m]
Headway Digital / Gold Fifth edition

Completely updated with new texts and themes, Headway 5th Edition Digital Gold provides fresh, relevant English instruction needed for success today. Join over 100 million students who have studied with Headway's perfectly-balanced grammar and skills syllabus, based on the course's world-renowned methodology.

Headway Digital Gold 4th [cou_it_it_m]
Headway Digital / Gold Fourth edition

Il corso d'inglese per adulti più venduto al mondo, con un sillabo perfettamente bilanciato, forte attenzione alla grammatica e supporto completo per tutti i livelli.

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