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Dominoes Starter Heidi Pack


Johanna Spyri
Retold by Paul Davenport

Format: Mixed media format

'I'm not going with you, Aunt Dete!' Heidi cries.

'Oh yes, you are!' Dete answers.

Heidi loves her home in the Swiss mountains, her grandfather, and her friend Peter, the goatherd. So when Aunt Dete takes her away to Frankfurt, she doesn't leave happily.

In Frankfurt, Heidi is soon good friends with Clara Sesemann, a rich but very ill girl in a wheelchair.

But how can Heidi live without the mountains? And what can she do about Fräulein Rottenmeier, the Sesemanns' unfriendly housekeeper?

Useful and free

Dominoes Two The Bird of Happiness and Other Wise Tales Pack


Tim Herdon

Format: Mixed media format

What is the secret of happiness, or the best thing for a wife to take with her when she leaves home?

How does a man pay for the smell of bread, or decide if he is lucky?

What happens when a friend steals a gift meant for you, or is careless when he tries to make his dreams of a better life come true?

How can you change dirt into gold, or get what you want?

The eight wise tales in this collection can teach us some important lessons about life.

Useful and free

Classic Tales


Second Edition

Full-colour English graded readers offering classic tales retold for primary language learners accompanied by e-Books, audio, and Activity Books.

Retold by Sue Arengo and Rachel Bladon

Beginner to Intermediate (A1–B1)

New edition of Classic Tales with Storybook, e-Book, Activity Book and Play

Useful and free

Dominoes Starter Sheherazade Pack


Bill Bowler

Format: Mixed media format

King Shahriyar cannot trust women. Every afternoon he marries a wife, but the next morning he always kills her. One day, the Vizier cannot find any more wives for the King. What can he do?

'I can be Shahriyar's new wife!' says Sheherazade, his older daughter. 'God willing I can stay alive, and help the women of our country.'

But how can Sheherezade stay alive for a thousand and one nights? And does Shahriyar learn to trust women again in the end?

This famous 'story of stories' has the answers.

Useful and free

Oxford Bookworms Library Level 3: A Cup of Kindness: Stories from Scotland audio CD pack


Retold by Jennifer Bassett

Format: Mixed media format


In Edinburgh a detective listens to a confession; in Orkney an old man lives with the ghosts of his past.

Useful and free

Oxford Bookworms Library


Third edition

Best adaptations of classic and modern literature

Series Editor: Rachel Bladon

Beginner to advanced, A1-C1

Bookworms are the World's Best Leveled Readers Series.