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Inside Teenagers (37)

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Life Vision



Your success. Now and in the future.

Level: A1-C1

Invite students to create their own unique vision of where language learning can take them.

Project Explore


New edition

Explore Series je ucelená 9-dielna séria pre základné vzdelávanie.

Level: Level 1 až Level 4 (A1-B1)

Join the journey!

Useful and free

Link It!


Linking your world together

Level: A1 – B1+/B2

Link your world together with Link It!

Every level develops your students' communication competences and provides integrated support for Cambridge exams. With its well-rounded approach, Link It! creates confident communicators ready to achieve success.

Useful and free

Oxford Discover Futures


Creating independent thinkers with great futures

Ben Wetz, Jayne Wildman and Fiona Beddall

Level: A2-C1

A six-level secondary course for teenagers, based on the tried and trusted inquiry-based methodology.

Useful and free

Venture into First for Schools


Preparing students for the Cambridge English: First for Schools exam

Michael Duckworth, Kathy Gude and Jenny Quintana

Level: B2

An international course preparing secondary students for the Cambridge English: First for Schools exam.

Useful and free



Where will Metro take you?

Nicholas Tims and James Styring

Level: A1 – B1

A new secondary course reflecting how today’s teens learn about the world and each other

Useful and free

Oxford Picture Dictionary


Third Edition

Picture the journey to success

Jayme Adelson-Goldstein and Norma Shapiro

Level: Low Beginning – Low Intermediate (A1 – B1)

Vibrant illustrations and unparalleled support for vocabulary teaching to meet the needs of today’s English language learners.

Useful and free

English Plus


Second Edition

The right mix for every lesson

Ben Wetz, Diana Pye, Robert Quinn and Katrina Gormley

Level: A1 – B2

The perfect Secondary course for mixed ability classes.

Useful and free



Fourth Edition

Inspiring the next generation

Tom Hutchinson

Level: False Beginner to Intermediate (A1-mid B1)

Ponúka overenú metodiku v novom podmanivom formáte.

Useful and free



A comprehensive four-skills course

Ben Wetz

Level: Mid A1 – B2

This comprehensive four-skills course for intermediate and secondary classes builds students’ confidence and helps them achieve success in English.

Useful and free