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Second Edition

A flexible and supportive, topic based course for secondary learners.

Gregory J Manin, Alicia Artusi, Helen Halliwell, Claire Thacker, Robert Quinn, and Lewis Lansford

Engaging a new generation

Oxford Read and Discover


Non-fiction graded reader series with cross-curricular content for primary – supports CLIL

Series Editor: Hazel Geatches
CLIL Adviser: John Clegg

Pre-intermediate to Intermediate

Read and Discover more about the world...

Useful and free

Get Together


David McKeegan and Susan Iannuzzi

Beginner to Intermediate

The tried-and-trusted four-level course for young people, now in a new edition.

Heads Up


Four-level American English course for young teenagers

Susan Iannuzzi and James Styring

Beginner to Intermediate

Confidence Up! Motivation Up! Heads Up!

My First Passport Second Edition


English for International Communication

Angela Buckingham and Lewis Lansford

My first Passport is the best-selling course designed for Japanese secondary schools - the easy-to-teach solution for preparing students to go on English-speaking adventures overseas and to welcome visitors to Japan.

Passport Second Edition


Second Edition

Japan's best-selling communication coursebook!

Angela Buckingham and Lewis Lansford

Written exclusively for Japanese students, the second edition offers a combination of new and familiar characters, locations and storylines while retaining the ease of use, fun, and effectiveness that are the hallmark of the Passport series.

Oxford Bookworms Library Starter Level


Third Edition

Graded readers for secondary and adult learners

Series Editor: Rachel Bladon

Beginner to advanced, A1-C1

Classics, modern fiction, non-fiction and more – the Oxford Bookworms Library has a book for every student.