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Test it, Fix it Verbs and Tenses


Test your grammar, then fix it

Kenna Bourke (Verbs and Tenses, Grammar, Vocabulary, Grammar for FCE, FCE: Use of English, Business Grammar, Business Vocabulary); Kenna Bourke and Amanda Maris (Grammar for FCE, FCE: Use of English, Business Grammar, Business Vocabulary)

Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Upper-intermediate

A series of books which show learners what they get wrong and how to put it right.

Useful and free

Practical English Grammar


Third Edition

A classic grammar reference with clear explanations of grammatical structures and forms.

A J Thomson and A V Martinet

Intermediate to Advanced (B1-C2)

The world's best-selling language reference book - the one teachers trust.

Oxford Living Grammar


Learn and practise grammar in everyday contexts

Ken Paterson, Mark Harrison, and Norman Coe

Beginner to Intermediate (A1+-B1)

Learn how grammar works and when to use it