American English File Starter e-book (Student Book/Workbook Multi-Pack B)

American English File Starter e-book (Student Book/Workbook Multi-Pack B)

Second Edition

Format: Online resource

With a wide range of exciting new digital material, including all new documentaries, this new edition of American English File is still the number one course to get your students talking.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-477761-2
  • RRP: £ 20.83

American English File is available as an e-book, with interactive features designed specifically for language learners. Available for iPad and tablets for Android via the Oxford Learner's Bookshelf app and online on a computer at Learners study online or on a tablet and their work syncs between devices.

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Key features

  • Improve pronunciation: Repeat audio, record yourself, and compare to original
  • Improve listening: Slow down audio to hear each word clearly
  • Split screen video/activity: Video stays on screen while you move around pages making it easy to watch and work
  • Automatically marked, interactive activities
  • Personalize your e-book: Save written or spoken notes anywhere on the page. Use the pen tool to draw and highlight
  • Easy to get around: Bookmarks, jump to page, thumbnail sorter


American English File, Second Edition e-books offer all the content from the Student Book/Workbook Multi-Packs with extra features to support your students' learning.

Students can:
  • Complete interactive activities directly on the page, and receive instant feedback.
  • Draw and highlight on the page, and personalize their e-book with bookmarks, sticky notes and audio memos.
  • Record and playback their own voice to practice pronunciation.
  • Listen to and control audio at their own pace - skip, repeat, fast forward and slow down audio.
  • Use the split screen to complete video activities with ease.
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Licence Terms

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