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American Headway 3

A complete language-learning package for American English students at intermediate level.

Key features

  • American Headway 3 extends and revises many of the structures covered in American Headway 2.
  • The clear, modern design and international focus to texts and topics give the course a universal appeal.
  • The 8-page units offer a wide range of activities and encourage a sense of real progress through the course.
  • Active analysis of grammar through 'Test your Grammar' and 'Grammar Spots' builds and extends students' knowledge.
  • A 'Grammar Reference' section at the back of the Student Book gives clear, detailed rules of form and use.
  • A thoroughly integrated skills and vocabulary syllabus enables students to learn successfully through meaningful practice.
  • Appealing reading material and new activities develop comprehension and stimulate discussion.
  • The listening material is just the right length and level to challenge students, while maintaining their sense of achievement in understanding.
  • A writing syllabus at the back of the Student Book provides a complete writing programme for the level.

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American Headway 3


American Headway combines the best of traditional methods with more recent appro...

ISBN Title
978-0-19-435383-0 American Headway 3: Student Book