American Headway Second Edition Level 3

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American Headway Second Edition Level 3

American Headway is the course you can always trust.

Its proven methodology - focus on grammar, clear vocabulary syllabus, integrated skills work - gives you lessons that really work in class.

With the new Second Edition you get fully-revised material, the completely new Advanced level, and an exciting new generation of digital support - the online Teacher Resource Center, Test Generator CD-ROMs, and more.

  • Student Book with Student Practice Multi-ROM
  • Student Book Split Editions (Starter-Level 2)
  • Teacher's Book with access card to Teacher Resource Center
  • Workbook
  • Class Audio CDs
  • Workbook Audio CD
  • Test Generator CD-ROM
  • Student Audio Download Center

Key features

  • Clear focus on grammar
  • Balanced, integrated-skills syllabus
  • New Advanced level
  • Teacher Resource Center - online resource bank with fast-find browser function
  • Student Practice Multi-ROMs with access to online TOEIC, TOEFL, and IELTS practice tests
  • Test Generator CD-ROMs


How does American Headway deliver lessons that really do work in class?

Short answer: methodology.

Headway's balanced methodology combines the best of traditional approaches - solid grammar and practice, vocabulary development etc - and newer approaches, such as communicative role-play and personalization.

Authors Liz and John Soars have developed a set of principles which "... is a summary of all we believe when writing and teaching."

Here are three examples:
i) Grammar has a core place in language teaching and learning.
ii) A wide variety of practice tasks in all the four skills are essential to language learning.
iii) Everyday expressions, particularly of spoken English, also need a place in the syllabus. These can be functional, social, situational, or idiomatic.

Now, American Headway Second Edition adds a new generation of digital support to that classic methodology.

Top of the list of new resources is the Teacher Resource Center.

It's a password-protected bank of online resources which includes images, animated grammar PowerpointRG slides, video, worksheets, and more.

With a fast-find browser function, it's quick and easy for you prepare lessons your way. Find out more at

American Headway Second Edition also includes a new emphasis on testing to help students prepare for standardized international exams such as the TOEFLRG iBT. This includes new Spotlight on Testing lessons in the Workbook and access to a complimentary online practice test via the Student Multi-ROM.

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American Headway Level 3 Student Book with Student Practice MultiROM cover
American Headway 3 Student Book & CD Pack


American Headway, Second Edition is a perfectly-balanced, six-level syllabus, no...

ISBN Title
978-0-19-472778-5 American Headway Level 3 Split Student Book B with MultiROM
978-0-19-472777-8 American Headway Level 3 Split Student Book A with MultiROM
978-0-19-472996-3 American Headway 3 Test Generator CD-ROM
978-0-19-472990-1 American Headway 3 Workbook CD
978-0-19-472786-0 American Headway 3 Workbook
978-0-19-472983-3 American Headway 3 Student Book & CD Pack
978-0-19-472993-2 American Headway 3 Class CD (3)