American Headway Third Edition

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Third Edition

Still the world’s most trusted adult English course – American Headway Third edition combines a perfectly-balanced syllabus with more conversation, assessment and digital teaching and learning resources than ever before.

  • Language Level: A1 – C1

American Headway is the course you can always trust. Its proven methodology – focus on grammar, clear vocabulary syllabus, integrated skills work – was developed by award-winning authors John and Liz Soars to give you lessons that really work in class. The third edition supports students to succeed beyond the classroom more than ever before with:

  • More conversation to help students accelerate their progress in speaking
  • 100% new downloadable assessment to prepare students for success in high-stake tests
  • A new digital teaching and learning package to engage students in and beyond the classroom

Key features

  • Clear focus on grammar
  • Balanced, integrated-skills syllabus
  • 75% new content engages learners with fresh topics
  • More speaking opportunities
  • 100% new assessment available to download from the Testing Program
  • Oxford Online Skills Program offers students targeted practice to improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills – 30 hours per level
  • iChecker Online Self-Assessment provides students with automatically graded online self-assessment to prepare to standardized tests.


The Headway series and its award-winning authors, Liz and John Soars, have helped around 100 million students in over 127 countries learn English. Teachers around the world have told us that Headway helps students succeed in and beyond the classroom. Read their stories at

American Headway third edition supports students to succeed beyond the classroom more than ever before.

Students can:
  • Accelerate their progress in speaking and prepare for high-stake tests with more conversation.
  • Manage their own learning with new digital resources.
  • The Oxford Online Skills Program allows students to improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills independently.
  • iChecker Online Self-Assessment prepares students for exam success with a variety of exam-style test preparation exercises.
American Headway also supports teachers to prepare successful lessons. In our American Headway global teacher survey (Oxford University Press, 2014), 89% of teachers reported that they are more creative and willing to try new activities after using American Headway. 71% said they are more passionate in their teaching. With the third edition, teachers can now:
  • Download 100% new assessment material from the Testing Program.
  • Create a dynamic classroom environment with classroom presentation software.
Find out more about American Headway Third Edition by watching this short video.

What do teachers love about American Headway?

Teachers from around the world tell us what they love about American Headway.

Online Practice

How to get started teaching with the online practice for your course

Take a look at our short tutorial videos, webinar recordings, and guides to help you get started, manage your account, and use the learning management tools. Go to



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iChecker Online Self-Assessment allows students to manage their own learning and consolidate their knowledge.

  • Prepare for exam success: Online test preparation lessons help students to apply their knowledge in an exam format, preparing them for success on the TOEFL® IBT and other standardized exams.
  • Receive instant feedback: Interactive and automatically graded activities provide students with instant feedback for independent learning and improvement.
  • Review all key learning points: Progress checks for each unit ensure that students review what they have learned in class.

Classroom Presentation Tool

Deliver heads-up lessons with the Classroom Presentation Tool, a digital resource for the front of the class with an extensive range of easy-to-use features.

  • Download to your tablet or computer, connect to an interactive whiteboard, projector or screen and teach lessons that run smoothly – every time.
  • Play audio and video at the touch of a button. Capture your students’ attention with the Focus tool: activities fill the screen so that everyone can participate, even large classes.
  • Take your classroom presentation tool with you and plan your lessons online or offline, across your devices. Save your web links and make notes directly on the page – all with one account.

Testing Program

The Testing Program can be used to extend students' learning, with 100% new assessment material available to download online.

  • Increased flexibility:Tests can be downloaded online and can be sent to classes as a digital version, or used as a print version.
  • Wide range of testing material:
    • Unit tests
    • Skills Test
    • Stop & check tests
    • Progress tests
    • Exit tests

Impact Study

Oxford Impact Evalutated

Headway Impact Study

Headway has helped millions of students make progress in English for over 30 years. An impact study* was conducted in order to gain an in-depth understanding of how teachers feel that the Headway series has delivered the learning outcomes to support students to move to the next level of study.

* An impact study is research that investigates a particular change or outcome that a product or service has on the group of people it is intended to help or benefit.

Found to deliver the learning outcomes students need to move on to the next level of study.

  • 91% of teachers who took part in this impact study trust that Headway delivers the learning outcomes that support the students to move to the next level of study.
  • Teachers believe that the biggest influence on students' ability to progress is the way that Headway improves their ability in one or more of the four skills (Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing).
  • 97% of teachers say they are satisfied or very satisfied with Headway.
  • The top three reasons teachers choose Headway are:
    1. Its approach to grammar
    2. The range of components
    3. Reading texts are interesting for students

Download the summary report (PDF, 4MB)

Which lesson did Headway teachers feel helped their students the most?

Headway 4th edition

"The focus on formal and informal English and the inclusion of common modern expressions such as OMG has helped my students understand better the flow of these types of conversations." (Unit 1, Upper-Intermediate)

Headway 3rd edition

"It takes a global view of English by focusing on the auxiliary verbs which form the different tenses students should be familiar with, but which they may have difficulty using correctly." (Unit 1, Intermediate)

American Headway 2nd edition

"There is a lesson about Oprah Winfrey's life. The grammar to teach is the simple past and my students really connected the use and importance of this tense with the grammar taught in previous classes." (Unit 7, Level 1)

American Headway 2nd edition

"I like working with Unit 7 of American Headway Level 2, because of the choice of characters and pictures provided. They engage the learners because usually they like the celebrities and their lives, not to mention that it is very illustrative in contrasting present perfect versus simple present." (Unit 7, Level 2)

Oxford Impact

Find out more about Oxford Impact

The Headway impact study was conducted in February 2018. 170 teachers from 28 countries took part.