English File third edition Pre-intermediate Teacher's Book with Test and Assessment CD-ROM

English File third edition Pre-intermediate Teacher's Book with Test and Assessment CD-ROM

Third Edition

Format: Mixed media format

The English File Third Edition Teacher's Book offers a comprehensive walk-through guide to every lesson, in every unit of the English File Third Edition Student's Book, along with over 70 photocopiable activities.

The English File Teacher's Book package comes complete with a Test & Assessment CD-ROM, which includes a complete test for every File, an End-of-course Test, two Progress Tests, and a Quick Test for every File.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-459875-0

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This pack includes:

  • Teacher's Book
  • Test and Assessment CD-ROM

Key features

  • Detailed lesson plans for all the lessons
  • An optional 'books closed' lead-in for every lesson
  • Extra idea suggestions for optional extra activities
  • Extra challenge suggestions for ways of exploiting the Student's Book material in a more challenging way - suitable for more advanced classes
  • Extra support suggestions for ways of adapting activities or exercises to make them work with weaker students
  • Extra activities are colour-coded so you can see at a glance what is core material and what is extra when you are planning and teaching your classes
  • All lesson plans include keys and complete audio scripts

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Test & Assessment CD-ROM

  • A Quick Test for every File
  • A File test for every File covering Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Reading and Listening
  • Two Progress Tests, and an End-of-course Test
  • A and B versions of every main test
  • Audio for every listening test
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