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English File third edition Upper-intermediate MultiPACK A

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English File third edition Upper-intermediate MultiPACK A

The best way to get your students talking

Third Edition

Format: Mixed media format

A blend of completely new lessons, updated texts and activities, together with the refreshing and fine-tuning of some favourite lessons from New English File - English File Third Edition provides the right mix of language, motivation, and opportunity to get students talking.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-455862-4

The English File Third Edition MultiPACK A combines Files 1-5 of the Student's Book and Files 1-5 of the Workbook with Key in one book - ideal for shorter English courses.

With iTutor and iChecker included, this MultiPACK delivers a complete English File package, supporting study both inside and outside of the classroom.

This pack includes:

  • Student's Book (Files 1-5)
  • Workbook with Key (Files 1-5)
  • iTutor
  • iChecker

Key features

  • Each File presents and practises grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation with a balance of reading and listening activities and lots of opportunities for speaking
  • Clear, colour-coded referencing to additional resources at the back of the Student's Book - such as Grammar Bank, Vocabulary Bank and Sound Bank - offer additional support
  • A wide variety of authentic texts and dialogues provides fresh angles on topics which motivate students
  • Practical English lessons teach useful high-frequency, everyday English and social English
  • Revise & Check pages with 'Can you?' challenges helps students consolidate and measure their progress
  • Real-world In-The-Street interviews, Practical English motivating drama and documentary videos motivate and engage students with English language and culture
  • Clear signposts to iTutor throughout the Student's Book encourage self-study
  • The iTutor DVD-ROM contains all the Student's Book audio, video, grammar and vocabulary exercises in one place making it easy for students to catch-up, revise and study at home
  • iChecker includes all Workbook audio, self-assessment tests, instant answers and Study Link references allowing students to test their knowledge and assess their progress


English File Third Edition is true to the English File formula: clearly presented language input in every File; interesting texts and topics that motivate students; activities and exercises that practise language in a context that is relevant to a busy adult's everyday life.

With new, easy-to-manage structure, fresh, contemporary topics, more listening and a brand new video filmed on location (London, New York), English File Third Edition supports teaching and learning better than ever.

To give teachers and students a 21st century learning experience, English File Third Edition comes with brand new digital components:
  • iTools for teachers: a digital teaching tool that brings the classroom to life with interactive course materials - on interactive whiteboard, projectors or screen. All your digital teaching needs on one disc: complete Student's Book with audio, video answer keys and interactive activities; complete Workbook with audio and answer keys; Teacher's Book photocopiables with answer keys; Grammar PowerPoints, Vocabulary flashcards, interactive Sounds Chart; plus highlight, zoom, spotlight and other built-in tools to make teaching even easier.
  • iTutor DVD-ROM accompanies the Student's Book to encourage home-study and further practice. With all Student's Book audio, video, grammar and vocabulary exercises in one place, catch-up, revision and home-study have never been easier. Also includes mobile content, downloadable to compatible phones to provide access to practice materials on the go.
  • iChecker enables students to test their knowledge and assess their progress. Includes all Workbook audio, self-assessment tests, instant answers and Study Link references to the relevant Grammar Bank pages of the Student's Book.
  • English File Pronunciation App for smartphones gives students access to pronunciation practice anytime, anywhere. Using the much-loved English File Sounds pictures for teaching pronunciation in an easy-to-remember way, this app comes packed with interactive features such as 'touch and listen' 'record and compare' and the pronunciation game. To find out more, please go to English File Pronunciation App English File Pronunciation App.

iTutor and iChecker


Revise, review, improve:
in the comfort of your home

  • Students can REVIEW all of the material covered in class and even download some of the content to their mobiles to study wherever they go.
  • iTutor contains all class audio and video, plus Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Reading and Listening - complete with exercises so that students can REVISE classroom material in their own time
  • A wealth of practice material for each File means there are plenty of opportunities for students to IMPROVE the skills they need to focus on
  • Printable wordlists
  • Interactive Sounds Chart


A digital companion to the workbook, offering students:
  • Self-testing of new grammar, vocabulary and practical English, making progress tracking easy.
  • All audio from the Workbook lessons on MP3, allowing students to improve listening skills at home or on the go.
  • A Progress Check test for every file, to reinforce key points and highlight student strengths and weaknesses.
  • A dictation exercise for every File, improving pronunciation (for more pronunciation practice, please see the English File Pronunciation iOS app)

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