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A new general English course with a strong focus on student motivation and communicative speaking outcomes. Package includes DVDs and interactive whiteboard resources.

  • Language Level: Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate

English Result offers a fresh approach to learning. The two-page lesson format maximizes student motivation through enjoyment and success.

Enjoyment comes from the visual whole-page texts in every lesson.

Success comes from putting real-world language into practice - in every lesson.

With class DVDs, teacher's DVDs and interactive whiteboard resources available, you get total multimedia support for the classroom.

  • Student's Book with DVD Pack
  • Teacher's Resource Pack with DVD
  • Workbook (with key) and MultiROM
  • Workbook (without key) and MultiROM
  • Class Audio CDs
  • English Result iTools

Key features

  • Clear focus on motivation
  • Two-page lesson format - input material on the left, activities on the right
  • Practical 'How to' lessons with 'I can' goals
  • DVDs for students and teachers
  • Resources for interactive whiteboards - English Result iTools
  • Teacher Resource Packs include DVDs and photocopiable activities for every unit
  • New Student's Book and DVD Packs include a DVD of culture-rich material


If you believe motivation is essential for effective learning, you're not alone.

Authors Mark Hancock and Annie McDonald believe that too, which is why they wrote English Result - to create a course that puts motivation at the very heart of the methodology.

They focused on two key areas for learners: enjoyment, and expectancy of success (results).

If students enjoy learning, they'll be motivated.

If they experience success - or can reasonably expect to experience success - they'll be motivated.

English Result delivers both, using an accessible two-page lesson format which brings these two ideas together.

The left page gives you a bold, visually attractive text on a topic that arouses curiosity, provides entertainment, or covers an area of human interest. It helps students to enjoy the lesson.

The right page gives you the lesson itself.

The real-world 'how to' language clearly matches students' learning goals - to communicate outside class - and the 'can do' outcome at the end puts language into practice immediately.

Look at some sample pages to see how these lessons work, especially for those students who might need extra help with motivation.