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English Result Elementary iTools

English Result Elementary iTools

Digital resources for interactive teaching

Format: Mixed media format

Digital resources for interactive teaching and learning - use them on whiteboards, computers, and data projectors to make English Result interactive.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-430021-6

English Result iTools makes it easy to use interactive technology in your lessons.

It works on the equipment you already use - interactive whiteboard (any brand), data projector, PC etc.

It saves you time - the activities are pre-selected from the Student's Book.

And it gives you support - the Teacher's Guide shows you how, and when, to use each activity in the lesson.

This pack includes:

  • iTools
  • Teacher's Guide

Key features

  • Pre-selected material - which saves you time
  • Includes all Student's Book impact pages - with zoom and audio
  • New resources (games, quizzes) and extra features (mini-dictionary, animated grammar)
  • Class video clips with accompanying activities
  • Complete support from the Teacher's Guide
  • Works on any interactive whiteboard or ebeam, compatible with PCs, laptops and data projectors too


English Result iTools makes it easy to use interactive whiteboards and digital technology in class. Everything about these resources is user-friendly and supportive - and here's why.

First, you don't need any special equipment.

Just use what you already have in the school - an interactive whiteboard, a computer, a data projector, an ebeam. English Result iTools works on all of these, and it doesn't matter which brand of whiteboard you have.

Second, you get notes and support in the pack.

They show you when and how to use the activities in the lesson, and include whiteboard tips so you're never without support.

English Result iTools saves you time, too.

How? Pre-selection ... the activities on the disc are pre-selected from the Student's Book.

This means you don't need to go through the book deciding which activities are most suitable for the interactive whiteboard - they've already been researched and chosen for that very reason.

Just go ahead and use them in class, with confidence.

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