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A short course to build skills and confidence at real beginner level.

Key features

  • It starts from scratch at real beginner level, assuming no previous language knowledge.
  • It is very gently paced with a clearly defined and limited grammatical and lexical syllabus to avoid overloading the learner.
  • It contains a grammar, vocabulary, functional, and pronunciation syllabus.
  • New language is introduced gradually and methodically, and is consolidated through substantial controlled practice to give beginners confidence.
  • The grammar is presented in tabular form at the end of each unit, along with an exercise for students to check their understanding.
  • Despite the low level, simple skills work and manageable communicative activities are incorporated to develop interactive skills and make the language learning meaningful.
  • An 'Everyday English' section in each unit practises common expressions and survival English for everyday situations.
  • It provides an ideal foundation course for students preparing for New Headway Elementary and other elementary courses.