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First edition

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Shortlisted - ESU English Language Awards 2016
Finalist - The British Council 2017 ELTons Innovation Awards

Navigate combines information-rich topics, state-of-the-art-methodology, and a modern blended package to provide the complete course for the 21st Century adult and young adult learner.

  • Language Level: A1-C1

Series Editor Dr Catherine Walter has brought together the most significant developments in language learning research and development, along with practical teacher feedback, to create a uniquely balanced syllabus. While providing every opportunity to introduce meaningful communication, Navigate pays special attention to the frustrating language challenges that can hamper progress within each of the four skills (especially reading and listening). It then tackles these head-on, through targeted, systematic work on the relevant language features, including pronunciation and aspects of the English sound system. This ‘bottom-up’ approach is critical in developing accuracy and fluency across all four skills.

  • Coursebook
  • Workbook with/without key
  • Coursebook e-book
  • Oxford Online Skills Program
  • Oxford Online Language Practice
  • Oxford English for Work
  • Teacher’s Guide and Resource Disc
  • e-book Teacher’s edition
  • Class Audio CDs

Key features

  • Contemporary, information-rich topics selected for their appeal to today’s learners who are eager to enhance their careers, further study, or social lives through the English language.
  • Learners learn the most important words at the most appropriate time: the vocabulary syllabus is built up from the Oxford 3000 and linked to the CEFR. The sensitive choice of topics further ensures learners pick up language likely to provoke their interest.
  • Pronunciation pulses through every unit of Navigate, helping learners both to internalize new language and as an investment in further skills development.
  • Intensive focus on targeted, language-based activities helps learners improve their comprehension when reading and listening in English. Research shows that detailed work is needed on vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar to achieve permanent improvements in the receptive skills.
  • Language-based learning plays a part in the Speaking syllabus too, backed up by a strong focus on spoken fluency and regular opportunities for meaningful task-based communication.
  • The Writing syllabus provides support with finding the right language for different genres, and with drafting, discussing, and redrafting meaningful pieces of writing.
  • A rich multimedia package offers beautifully designed Student’s Books, Video, Audio, and Online Skills Practice. A version including e-Book access is also available.


Series Adviser Catherine Walter is an internationally renowned teacher educator, award-winning materials developer and researcher.

Influential evidence-based research into how adults best learn languages (by experts such as Field, Hyland, Nation, Ur, Spada, Lightbown, and Tomita) has informed the course’s innovative methodology.

Navigate is driven by clear aims and outcomes centred around the internationally recognized Common European Framework for Reference (CEFR) so that learners can benchmark their progress and prioritize their learning goals.

The Oxford 3000 is a list of the 3000 words that students really need to know in English. It was drawn up in collaboration with teachers and language experts and forms the basis of Navigate’s vocabulary syllabus.

By levelling the Oxford 3000 against the CEFR, it is easier to decide the best time to present new words across a multi-level course. Navigate does this.

The online and e-book resources offer options to make the most of time in and out of the classroom.

Real world video content provides integrated listening practice: there is a video lesson in every unit plus vox-pops throughout the course.

A complete test package written by experts in language assessment: unit tests, progress tests and an end of the course test accompany each level.

Navigate was written by a team of experienced, practising teachers and thoroughly tested and piloted in ELT classrooms across the world.

For Teachers

The Teacher’s Guide

Making the most of Navigate’s innovative syllabus

  • Before every lesson you can watch a 60-second overview from Series Adviser Catherine Walter to set you up for the day's class. These videos are included on the Teacher Support and Resource Disc.
  • Get to grips with the course methodology with articles on Reading, Listening, Grammar, Vocabulary, Photocopiables, the CEFR, and Testing, from expert course consultants and advisers.
  • Extensive lesson notes with additional pedagogical support offers tips on areas such as differentiation, critical thinking and smart communication.
The Teacher Support and Resource Disk (included with the Teacher’s Guide)

  • Photocopiables for extra grammar, vocabulary, and communication practice in each unit – plus vox-pop video worksheets.
  • Editable unit, progress, and exit tests.
More support for teachers

  • Extra resources and support on the Teacher’s website help to make lesson planning easier.
  • The Coursebook and Workbook are both available as fully interactive e-books.
  • Lesson overview videos.
  • Wordlists, audio and video scripts, Student Study Record.


The Coursebook and Workbook are both available as fully interactive e-books.
  • Integrated video and audio you can access straight from the page.
  • Improve pronunciation with repeat, record, and compare feature.
  • Audio can be slowed down to hear every word clearly.
  • Instant marking helps learners check their progress.
  • Learners can write and save notes on every page.

Available for iPad and Android tablets via the Oxford Learner’s Bookshelf app, through iTunes and Google Play, and online for computer at

Both learner e-books are available as a pack, accessed through a single code. Those buying Navigate e-books in-app will need to purchase the Coursebook and Workbook separately.

Also available is a Teacher’s edition e-book, providing all the Coursebook content with additional teacher’s notes and resources throughout.

  • Automatic marking helps learners check progress and learn from their mistakes.
  • Learners can email a page to you to mark, or to add to their learning portfolio.

The Teacher’s edition e-book is, in addition, easy to use and navigate as a classroom presentation tool:

  • You can complete activities while you watch.
  • Write - or record - sticky notes and save them anywhere on the page.
  • Expand images and use them in class for activities and discussion.

Online Skills

Our online practice courses give your learners targeted extra practice at a level that is right for them. Supported by the online Learning Management System, teachers and administrators can assign media-rich activities for the classroom or at home, and measure learners’ progress.

Oxford Online Skills Program

  • Helps learners focus further on developing their Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills, in the classroom or at home.
  • Modular skills practice aligned to the CEFR – with self-check 'can-do' statements at the end of each module.
  • Media rich activities, with video, audio and interactive infographics, to engage students.
  • Management tools allow teachers to monitor progress with easy-to-view overviews, as well as more in-depth reports.
  • Packaged with all Navigate Coursebooks, with extra top-up modules for both general English and Academic English available to purchase online.

Find out more about Oxford Online Skills Program.

Oxford Online Language Practice

  • Puts the spotlight on building up student’s Vocabulary and Grammar with the same instant support, striking design and management tools as Oxford Online Skills Program.
  • Topic-based approach, with Grammar and Vocabulary integrated within a coherent learning journey.
  • Support for students includes printable Grammar and Vocabulary reference and Wordlists.
  • Packaged with the Navigate Premium pack or stand-alone.
Oxford English for Work

  • Introduces and practises key work skills for in-work or pre-work learners.
  • Allows learners who want vocationally relevant materials to choose extra work in these areas.
  • Each level is divided into three courses: Telephoning skills, Socializing skills, Writing skills.
  • Highly practical language, which is immediately transferable to the workplace.
  • Dynamic visual content including striking photography and infographics.
  • Packaged with the Navigate Premium pack or stand-alone.