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Navigate A1 Beginner e-Book (Teacher's Edition)

Navigate A1 Beginner e-Book (Teacher's Edition) cover

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Navigate A1 Beginner e-Book (Teacher's Edition)

Format: Online resource

Navigate combines information-rich topics, state-of-the-art-methodology, and a modern blended package to provide the complete course for the 21st century adult and young adult learner.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-456512-7
  • Price: GBP 35.83 + Sales Tax

Navigate takes an innovative approach to language learning with a state of-the-art syllabus based on the latest research and practical teacher feedback.

Key features

  • Innovative approach to skills development focused on targeted, language-based activities.
  • Information-rich topics and texts immerse adult learners in themes and issues from around the world so that learning English is more relevant
  • Driven by learning outcomes and end goals of adult learners, so that learners can make the most of their time
  • Based on the Oxford 3000™ so learners are only covering the most relevant vocabulary for them
  • Extra supporting videos for teachers from Series Advisor Catherine Walter


Unlock the rules and patterns of English

Navigate's contemporary, information-rich topics appeal to today’s learners seeking future success in social, professional, and academic arenas.

The state-of-the-art methodology is backed up by latest research and practical teacher feedback to promote accuracy, fluency, and development of all four skills.

The innovative approach to reading and listening with targeted, language-based activities helps learners improve their ability in comprehension.

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Part of... Navigate

Unlock the rules and patterns of English to enable learners to progress in all four skills.

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