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Five-level general English course that harnesses the power of social networking to help students learn English.

  • Language Level: A1-B2

Network uses social networking to link learners for common goals – shared language success and professional growth.

Social networking themes are incorporated through a variety of classroom-based and online tasks. These provide an authentic and meaningful context for language learning.

Network is easy to teach and easy to learn from – the one-page, one-lesson, one-learning outcome approach requires minimum preparation and helps you to track your students' progress.

Additional resources include authentic video from the BBC Motion Gallery and Online Practice that you can assign as homework and track.

  • Student Book with Online Practice
  • Workbook with Listening
  • Multi-Packs Student Book/Workbook A & B Split Editions
  • Teacher's Book
  • Class Audio CDs
  • Classroom Presentation Tool
  • DVD
  • Student Book e-book
  • Workbook e-book
  • Workbook Classroom Presentation Tool

Key features

  • One-page, one-lesson, one-outcome approach ensures achievement
  • Your Network activities help students to practice communication in class and online
  • Get Connected lessons build social media skills such as creating a personal profile and blogging in English
  • Original BBC Motion Gallery video and authentic documentaries develop real-world listening skills
  • Online Practice activities, including record and play back conversation activities, provide students with extra opportunities to develop their skills outside class


Network is a general American English course that's easy to teach with and fun to learn from. The series uses social networking to teach English, providing authentic, meaningful skills practice to help students get more practice communicating, and to develop important social media skills.

Network's one lesson per page approach is clear, straightforward, and flexible. You can teach lessons straight off the page with minimum preparation. In addition, the "Now I can" statements at the end of each page enable you to benchmark learning outcomes against international standards.

Network features a variety of networking tasks to develop students' English skills in school, life, and at work. The "Your Network" tasks at the end of each unit invite students to develop their communication skills both in class and online. Get Connected lessons build social media skills connected to social media, such as creating an online profile and blogging in English. Functional language is presented in the context of a fun photo story featuring characters that use networking to solve problems.

Original BBC Motion Gallery video content broadens students' horizons, and authentic documentaries develop real-world listening skills.

Online Practice lets you assign extra practice so students can improve their vocabulary, grammar, speaking, and listening skills outside class.

Online Practice

Network Online Practice offers a robust blend of extra practice content and teacher resources. With over 120 activities per level, including video activities, students can access up to 25 hours of additional practice in the classroom or at home.

Network Online Practice is ideal for self-study, enabling students to practice their grammar, vocabulary, speaking, and listening skills outside class.

Speak and record practice allows students to practice their conversation skills. Students record themselves as a character from the Conversation or Your Story pages in the Student Book then play the audio back to hear the dialogue in full, improving their pronunciation and fluency.

A comprehensive testing program with over 20 tests per level, makes it easy for you to review your students' progress throughout the course. The tests are automatically graded and reported to your class Gradebook, saving you time.

Set up Discussions with your students on any topic and stay in contact with them using the Messaging and email tools.

The online Gradebook keeps you up to date with students' learning, making it easy for you to track and report on progress, and letting you quickly identify strengths and weaknesses within a class.

The Network Online Practice access code can be found on the inside back cover of the Student Book.

Social Media Research

Harness the power of social media to help your students learn English.

Research shows that there are five key benefits to deploying social media in support of English language teaching and learning. Read more about the research behind the social networking activities in Network.