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Second Edition

Four-skills English course with fun lessons, digital resources and strong online support - loved by students and teachers at every level.

  • Language Level: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced

With texts and topics that make learners want to speak, New English File is the course that gets students talking.

It gives you full skills coverage with a clear focus on pronunciation, plus wide-ranging support and resources too.

Resources include iPacks and iTools (for interactive whiteboards), DVDs, MultiROMs, popular websites, plus Online Skills Practice material – completely new for 2011.

  • Student's Book
  • Student's Book MultiPACKs
  • Teacher's Book with Test and Assessment CD-ROM
  • Workbook with MultiROM (with and without key)
  • Class Audio CDs
  • New English File iPacks and iTools
  • DVDs
  • Online Skills Practice (Elem–Upper)

Key features

  • Great texts that motivate students to talk
  • Four-skills syllabus with a clear focus on pronunciation
  • Level-specific features to address learners' different needs
  • New English File iPacks - digital resources for interactive teaching
  • New English File iTools for Beginner and Advanced – new digital classroom resources
  • Online support, resources and lesson ideas


"Texts must be interesting enough for students to want to read them in their own language. Otherwise, how can we expect students to want to read them in English?"

This is the authors' golden rule when they choose texts and topics for every level of New English File.

It ensures you get material that learners will enjoy reading and will want to talk about. Texts such as 'Are there really 31 hours in the day?' really help to generate opinion and discussion.

They create a desire to communicate.

So, having created the desire, New English File then helps you to develop learners' communication skills. One way it does this is with a strong focus on pronunciation.

Research shows that poor pronunciation is a major contributor to breakdowns in communication (Jennifer Jenkins: The Phonology of English as an International Language, Oxford University Press).

New English File integrates pronunciation into every lesson - the 'little and often' approach - but that's not all.

The unique English File Sounds Chart puts a picture to each sound in the phonetic alphabet, so learners find it easier to remember the sounds and, ultimately, improve their pronunciation.

Online Skills Practice

Online Skills Practice is a completely new resource for 2011, and it gives learners exactly what they’ve been asking for – extra skills practice that they can do in their own time.

Skills, especially speaking, have traditionally been more difficult to practise outside of class, but digital technology now makes this possible.

Online Skills Practice is available for four levels of New English File – Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, and Upper-intermediate – and provides practice activities for each skill in every unit of those levels.

But what exactly does it deliver, and how do students get access to it?

Access comes from a code on the 2011 New English File MultiROMs where students just put the disc in their computer, click on the website link, and register.

As for the material ... well, that’s completely new and unavailable anywhere else – it’s exclusive to the skills practice website.

The site has speaking and writing functionality, which means students can record their speaking and save their writing then submit those pieces to their teacher for marking. For listening and reading, students get instant feedback on their answers.

And because Online Skills Practice works as a self-study resource, we’ve made sure there’s plenty of support available. As well as the instant feedback there are tips for every task, a built-in dictionary look-up feature, and speaking and writing models for the activities.

Finally it gives you, the teacher, an extra way to assess your students’ progress in the four skills.

Elementary and Pre-intermediate Online Skills Practice is available now, Intermediate and Upper-intermediate will be available May 2011.

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