New Headway Elementary Third Edition iTools

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New Headway Elementary Third Edition iTools

Headway resources for interactive whiteboards

Third Edition

Format: Mixed media format


  • ISBN: 978-0-19-471429-7
  • 価格 ¥ 21,632

New Headway iTools makes it easy to use interactive technology in your Headway lessons.

It works on the equipment you already use - interactive whiteboard (any brand), data projector, PC etc.

It saves you time - the activities are pre-selected from the Student's Book.

And it gives you support - the Teacher's Guide shows you how, and when, to use each activity in the lesson.

This pack includes:

  • iTools CD-ROM
  • Teacher's Guide


  • Pre-selected material - which saves you time
  • New resources - grammar quizzes, grammar practice activities, and vocabulary
  • Extra features - mini-dictionary, sounds chart, and animated grammar
  • Class DVD clips with accompanying activities
  • Complete support from the Teacher's Guide
  • Works on any interactive whiteboard or eBeam, compatible with PCs, laptops and data projectors too


  • 長年愛されてきたHeadwayの核の部分をそのままに、世界中の学習者にお使いいただけるよう内容をアップデートしました。
  • バランスの取れたシラバスとスピーキングに重点を置いたアプローチを通し、学習者は自信と流暢さを身に付けます。

Part of... New Headway



Part of... New Headway Elementary

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