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New Headway Intermediate Second Edition

Second Edition

The second edition of New Headway Intermediate contains a modified syllabus and extensively updated material from the first edition.

Key features

  • Fascinating, authentic material that will capture students' imaginations.
  • The 'Test your grammar' section at the beginning of every unit challenges students' knowledge of the language.
  • Grammar questions involve students in language analysis, which is practised through a wide range of exercises.
  • The 'Grammar Reference' at the back of the Student's Book gives clear, detailed rules of form and use.
  • All four skills are developed systematically and integrated through related tasks.
  • There are a wide range of manageable listening exercises.
  • A well-defined vocabulary syllabus covers systems as well as lexical sets.
  • Pronunciation practice is integrated at appropriate points throughout the units.
  • The 'Postcript' section looks at everyday idiomatic English and the grammar of spoken English.