Oxford Online Skills Program A1, Academic Bundle 1, Reading & Writing - Access Code

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Oxford Online Skills Program A1, Academic Bundle 1, Reading & Writing - Access Code

Skills development aligned to the CEFR

Format: Online resource

Develop your students' academic English skills with the Oxford Online Skills Program Academic, Reading & Writing. Using the same Reading and Writing content as the Academic four skills integrated course, this paired skills online program supports and develops Reading and Writing language skills using a step-by-step process, encouraging students to explore, practise and reflect on their learning.

Also available: Oxford Online Skills Program Academic, Speaking & Listening with the Speaking and Listening content taken from the Academic four skills integrated course.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-472018-2
  • Licence Length: 18 months

The step-by-step sequenced activities combined with instant access to support are what make this online program different. Students improve their language skills independently while you can track their progress, communicate with them outside of class, and improve their learning.

The Academic four skills integrated course gives your students up to 20 hours of CEFR aligned skills practice per level. Both the language skills and academic skills students need to study effectively in an academic environment are included. You can buy cards with access codes from your usual bookshop, or online from this website and receive the codes in an email.

The program uses media rich activities, with video, audio and interactive infographics, to engage students. Students are encouraged to broaden and reflect on their learning with Can do statements, space for making notes, tips, cultural glossaries and more.

Teacher tools allow you to monitor progress for individual students, groups or the whole class. There are easy-to-view overviews, as well as more in-depth reports.

You can also adapt the content to meet your students' needs, whether simply by hiding and revealing activities, or using more sophisticated tools for assigning different activities to different groups, and uploading or creating your own content.

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Key features

  • Step-by-step student support - Each learning module follows an Engage-Explore-Task-Reflect activity sequence to ensure that students practise and learn effectively on their own.
  • Up to 10 hours of skills practice per level, giving students both the language skills and academic skills they need to study effectively in an academic environment, including research and analytical skills.
  • In-depth tasks - a range of extended tasks per module support students in exploring topics in detail, such as architecture, technology, education, history, and biology
  • Aligned to the CEFR - Give your students practice at the level that's right for them, with self-check 'can-do' statements at the end of each module
  • Media-rich - Motivate your students with compelling visual content including videos, interactive info-graphics and striking photography on culturally diverse topics
  • Flexible - Reorder content and decide how and when you want to assign homework: ideal for differentiated learning
  • Adaptable - Create your own new content to meet the needs of your students, including your own speaking and writing tasks, tests, discussions and live chat, and uploading documents, audio, or presentations
  • Measurable - Monitor your students' progress with a wide range of management tools
  • Buy access codes for Academic Bundle 1, Reading & Writing online, and receive an email with instructions. You can also buy access codes for Academic Bundle 1, Speaking & Listening online to use as a top up, giving your students practice in all four skills
  • Access codes are also included in the Student's Book with Oxford Online Skills for Headway Academic Skills Reading, Writing, and Study Skills


The Oxford Online Skills Program gives you access to a variety of Teacher tools to help you manage your students' learning. Use as few or as many of these as you need.

Assign and manage homework

Customize and manage the course exactly to your students' needs. You can hide activities, set start and end dates, or re-order them. The more advanced features allow you to set 'release conditions' such as students needing to complete one activity before going on to another.

Organize students within a class into groups. This is useful for mixed-ability classes, as you can assign specific activities to particular groups. For example, you could choose to assign pretasks for writing activities to lower level students but not to higher level ones.

Track and monitor

Track students' progress with the Gradebook and User Progress features. This allows you to see at a glance the activities which have been completed by any particular student as well as seeing their overall progress throughout the course.

Upload or create your own activities

Build your own exercises for students to complete, either as tests or for fun. Upload documents or presentations, and link to videos or websites.

Encourage communication and collaboration

Communicate with your students outside of class. Send feedback to your students on written and spoken assignments submitted. You can also send messages and chat online with groups of students or with individuals.

Set up discussions or surveys for your students to take part in. Discussions are used regularly in the material as a way for students to express their opinions and respond to others. Administer and monitor these but also create your own.

Get Started

How to get started teaching with the online practice or homework for your course

Take a look at our short tutorial videos, webinar recordings, and guides to help you get started, manage your account, and use the learning management tools.

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Licence Terms

Access will last for 18 months from activation.
The use of this product is subject to the terms and conditions of Oxfordlearn.com.