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Smart Choice 2

  • Part of: Smart Choice
  • Language Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Smart Choice makes teaching easier for you. It's flexible.

You can teach lessons exactly as they are, straight off the page.

Or you can adapt activities using the Click & Change CD-ROM from the Teacher's Resource Book.

Just add your own pictures to make photocopiable activities personalized for your students - it encourages them to get involved, and helps them enjoy learning.

  • Student Book with Multi-ROM Pack
  • Student Book Split Editions with Multi-ROM Pack
  • Teacher's Resource Book with Click & Change CD-ROM
  • Teacher's Book
  • Workbook
  • Workbook Split Editions
  • Class Audio CDs

Key features

  • Clear layout, easy to use
  • Personalized speaking on every page
  • Flexible - teach off the page or add your own material
  • Click & Change CD-ROM - personalize activities for your students


Smart Choice is the easy and effective way to teach English. Teach right off the page, add your own activities with ease, and expand your lessons with extra material, including customizable worksheets and free video.