Stretch Starter Online Practice

Stretch Starter Online Practice

6 Skills to expand your English in this Online Practice module

Format: Online resource

When you stretch to reach new goals, you need support. Stretch provides a comprehensive support system and a unique 6 skills approach to help students meet their personal, academic and professional goals.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-460367-6

Stretch is a four-level integrated skills course that supports students to reach their full potential.

In addition to explicit and supportive instruction in listening, speaking, reading and writing, Stretch offers a focus on practical viewing and presenting skills.

With Stretch Online Practice, students can continue to expand their English outside of the classroom. Online Practice builds on each of the 6 skills, with students practicing their English and learning at their own speed.

With automatic grading and feedback, students can go online to improve their English anytime, anywhere.

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Key features

  • Stretch Online Practice offers additional skill instruction in all 6 skills.
  • With 120 all-new practice-rich activities per level to expand your students' English outside of the classroom.
  • Assign activities to your students - up to 40 hours per level.
  • Track and analyze student progress using a powerful Learning Management System.
  • Find out more about how Stretch Online Practice can help your students expand their English language skills.


Stretch is a four-level, outcome-based, skills-driven series. It has a supportive 6 skills approach and an extensive range of online material to help both students and teachers reach their goals.

With Stretch Online Practice students:
  • Build confidence in all of the six skills learnt in the Student Book.
  • Access 120 practice-rich activities that are ideal for home study or revision.
  • Listen to conversations between native English speakers, then record and re-record themselves to practice pronunciation.
  • Practice Viewing and Presentation skills, vital for success in their academic and professional life.
Teachers can stay up to date with students' progress:
  • Be supported by a powerful Learning Management System that allows you to track your students' progress and analyze their results.
  • Use built-in communication tools to keep up a regular dialogue with your students.
  • Unlock and edit your own tests to review your students' progress.

Getting Started

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