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Trio Reading

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Trio Reading

Building Better Readers...From The Beginning

Trio Reading is a three-level course that helps beginning English students develop their reading skills through step-by-step instruction.

Trio Reading creates academic success through the gradual development of key reading techniques and strategies. With contextualized vocabulary instruction, accessible paired readings, and critical thinking activities, Trio Reading provides students with the tools they need for successful academic reading at the earliest stages of language acquisition.

  • Student Book with Online Practice
  • Online Practice Student Access Card
  • Online Practice Teacher Access Card
  • iTools USB (all levels)

Key features

  • Accessible paired readings offer more practice to create successful readers
  • Making Connections sections link texts and the real world to develop critical thinking
  • Oxford 2000 keywords provide essential vocabulary
  • Sounds of English boxes provide sound-symbol decoding practice and link fluency and reading skills to improve comprehension
  • Engaging Vocabulary and Grammar Chants help students improve accuracy and fluency
  • Vocabulary and Reading Strategies equip students with the skills they need for successful reading
  • Readiness Units teach the fundamentals of English to prepare students for success at each level
  • Signposts in each chapter point students to online practice, extending learning beyond the classroom
  • A variety of automatically-graded online activities provide extra practice of Vocabulary, Grammar, and Reading and Vocabulary Strategies
  • iTools enhances course material by incorporating multimedia content and activities to create an interactive, heads-up learning environment
  • iTools gives teachers access to the assessment program, with editable tests and answer keys that save time and allow customized testing
  • Vocabulary and Grammar Chants are an engaging way for students to internalize structures and memorize target vocabulary


Trio Reading prepares students for academic success by introducing reading skills early.

Readiness Unit
For added flexibility, each level of Trio Reading begins with an optional Readiness Unit to provide fundamental English tools for beginning students.

Vocabulary based on the Oxford 2000 keywords
Trio Reading’s vocabulary is based on the 2,000 most important and useful words to learn at the early stages of language learning.

The combination of academic topics and controlled vocabulary based on the Oxford 2000 word list makes content in Trio Reading approachable for low-level learners.

Trio Reading begins each chapter by introducing Oxford 2000 vocabulary. It contextualizes the vocabulary within reading texts, while vocabulary strategies help students to understand the words in use.

Develops critical thinking
Make Connections sections encourage the development of critical thinking skills by asking learners to draw connections between themselves, texts, and the world around them.

Accessible paired readings encourage students to make connections between texts, developing critical thinking.

Creates fluent readers
Sounds of English boxes provide sound-spelling decoding practice to increase reading fluency, and Vocabulary and Reading Strategies teach the most useful skills students need for successful reading.

Motivating Vocabulary and Grammar Chants help students internalize the target grammar structure and vocabulary for greater accuracy and fluency when reading.

Essential online practice
Trio Reading Online Practice provides multiple opportunities for skills practice and acquisition—beyond the classroom and beyond the page.

Each unit of Trio Reading is accompanied by a variety of automatically-graded activities. Students’ progress is recorded, tracked, and fed back to the instructor.

Online Practice

Trio Reading Online Practice is matched to the course material to enhance students’ learning, extending it beyond the classroom.

Online practice resources for students:
  • 63 activities/20 hours of practice per level
  • Vocabulary, grammar, and reading practice
  • Vocabulary & Grammar Chant audio and Chant scripts
  • Student Book audio
Online practice resources for teachers:
  • Customizable tests
  • Test answer keys

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