Trio Writing iTools USB (all levels)

Trio Writing iTools USB (all levels)

Building Better Writers...From The Beginning

Format: USB Flash drive

Trio Writing is a three-level course that helps beginning English students develop their writing skills through step-by-step instruction.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-485409-2

Create an interactive, heads-up learning environment by using iTools to present course material to the entire class.

iTools is a classroom presentation tool that enhances course material by incorporating multimedia content alongside the Student Book. Teachers also gain access to the assessment program, with editable tests and answer keys that save time and allow customized testing.


  • Project the full Student Book onto a screen or interactive whiteboard for the whole class to see
  • Work through activities on-screen with the pen and sticky note features
  • Access answer keys and audio clips at point of use on the page
  • Mark pages and organize them in folders with the bookmark function so that you always find what you're looking for
  • Access the assessment program for editable tests to save time and customize testing
  • Vocabulary & Grammar Chants are an engaging way for students to internalize structures and memorize target vocabulary

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Trio Writing prepares students for academic success by introducing practical writing skills early. Writing techniques are gradually developed from the outset, helping students to put their ideas on the page and succeed academically.

Readiness Unit
Each level includes a Readiness Unit which equips students with the fundamental English skills that they will need to progress through the Student Book. These benefit students who may require extra literacy support or whose first language does not use the English alphabet. The Readiness Units ensure that students have a base to build on before they begin each level.

Essential online practice
Trio Writing provides additional support through online practice that extends the course material. Online vocabulary, grammar and writing exercises allow students to practise their newly developed skills.

Resources for students include Vocabulary & Grammar Chant audio and scripts. The Vocabulary & Grammar Chants are catchy, up-beat audio clips that help students internalize grammar structures and memorize vocabulary to improve accuracy and fluency in their writing.

Grammar and vocabulary in context
Trio Writing teaches vocabulary and grammar in a meaningful context. By learning vocabulary in phrases rather than individual words, students internalize the construction of that phrase - so they can reproduce it in their writing. Vocabulary is drawn from the Oxford 2000, so that students learn the most useful and commonly used words in the English language.

Each grammar lesson is accompanied by two Grammar Notes which explicitly show the correct usage of a grammar point. Students learn useful strategies and models that they can apply to their own work.

Academic writing success
Trio Writing provides students with the tools they need to master a step-by-step writing process: Prepare, Prewrite, Write, Revise, Edit, Publish. By applying this method students will produce a five-paragraph essay in Level 3.

Each chapter includes two Writing Strategies. The Writing Strategies teach specific skills by first showing a model paragraph, and then giving students the tools they need to reproduce and master the skill themselves.

Video chants

Part of... Trio Series

Trio is a three-level series that builds the skills students need to communicate in an academic context from the beginning.

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