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Business Objectives Pairwork

Intensive speaking practice for business English learners.

Key features

  • 80 varied activities give vital practice in spoken communication skills. The activities include role plays and discussion exercises, and give practice in areas such as telephoning, exchanging information, socializing and describing trends.
  • The book follows the syllabus of Business Objectives and covers the same themes, but can be used as a resource for any Business English course at this level. The 15 units are free-standing to allow greater flexibility.
  • Activities are based on authentic materials wherever possible, and require students to draw on their own business experiences and expertise.
  • There are five or six activities per unit. The shortest activities last about five minutes and concentrate on specific language points. The longer activities provide greater fluency practice and encourage students to express their own ideas and to describe personal situations.
  • Answers are provided where necessary at the back of the book.