Business one:one

A general business English course written specifically for one-to-one teaching.

First Edition Rachel Appleby, John Bradley, Brian Brennan, Jane Hudson, Nina Leeke and Jim Scrivener

Business one:one is the first three-level business course specifically designed for one-to-one teaching and learning.

Business one:one optimises teaching time by encouraging teacher and learner to work together as equal partners. Students can identify their needs quickly and easily, and teachers can build a personalised syllabus that covers exactly what their student needs.

Business one:one covers a variety of core business skills such as dealing with people, projects, and meetings. It also provides techniques and tips on travelling, socializing, and communicating by telephone and email.

  • Student's Book and MutiROM
  • Teacher's Book
  • Class Audio CDs

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  • Learner-centred syllabus helps students and teachers work together to build a customised course
  • Short lessons with communicative tasks mean students use new language immediately
  • Flexible, non-linear structure gives students freedom within each lesson so they can choose what they want to learn
  • Fully-integrated MultiROM includes extra listening material, email practice, interactive grammar exercises, and language tests for additional study between classes
  • Lesson Record means students can record useful new language for their own reference

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Business one:one gives both teacher and student complete flexibility in English language teaching and learning. The content and structure of the course can be adapted to the needs of teacher and student; they design the course syllabus together, decide what happens in each lesson, and discuss how self-study will be practised between lessons.

The course provides a framework for one-to-one teaching and learning that is both structured and flexible. Teacher and student can use the MultiROM to select the topics for each lesson from the ‘How to…’ course syllabus. The interactive Learning planner can then be used to create an individual and unique course plan.

Each 45-60 minute lesson begins with an introduction to the target language. Students then do a communicative speaking or writing task, learn grammar and collocation, or discover helpful ideas in the ‘Hint’ section. Teachers can then use the Lesson Record to collate the most useful language learnt in each session, and measure and record student progress.

Between lessons, the MultiROM can be used to optimise further learning. It includes a listening bank, email practice, and interactive tests.

Business one:one includes:

We have 3 Business one:one Pre-intermediate titles out of 9 titles across the whole Business one:one Course
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ISBN Title
978-0-19-457642-0 Business one:one Pre-intermediate: Student's Book Pack
978-0-19-457643-7 Business one:one Pre-Intermediate Teacher's Book: Teacher's Book
978-0-19-457645-1 Business one:one Pre-intermediate Class Audio CDs: Class CDs (2)
We have 3 Business one:one Intermediate titles out of 9 titles across the whole Business one:one Course
View level
ISBN Title
978-0-19-457637-6 Business one:one Intermediate: Student's Book Pack
978-0-19-457638-3 Business one:one Intermediate Teacher's Book: Teacher's Book
978-0-19-457646-8 Business one:one Intermediate Class Audio CDs: Class CDs (2)
We have 3 Business one:one Advanced titles out of 9 titles across the whole Business one:one Course
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ISBN Title
978-0-19-457681-9 Business one:one Advanced: Student Book Pack
978-0-19-457684-0 Business one:one Advanced Teacher's Book: Teacher's Book
978-0-19-457685-7 Business one:one Advanced Class Audio CDs: Class Audio CDs (2)

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