Business Result Advanced

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Business Result Advanced

A business English course for pre-work and in-work professional students.

Business Result is a six-level business English course that gives students the communication skills they need for immediate use at work.

Business Result helps those who need to communicate better in English at work, by teaching a range of business communication skills.

The course features video clips for every unit, including documentary clips, authentic interviews and dramatized scenarios showcasing business communication skills.

The Interactive Workbook on the DVD-ROM is also available online. It enables you to offer blended or distance learning courses, and allows you to communicate with your students outside class.

The Skills for Business Studies companion can optionally be added to the Business Result package, and provides academic skills practice for Business Studies students.It is also available as a standalone title.

  • Student's Book with Interactive Workbook (including video), on DVD-ROM or online
  • Student's Book and Skills for Business Studies Pack (Intermediate, Upper-intermediate, Advanced only)
  • Teacher's Book Pack with Teacher Training DVD & Class DVD (Teacher Training DVD not available at Starter level)
  • Class Audio CDs

Key features

  • Practical, functional language presented and practised in a work-related context
  • Real-world case studies offer authentic and engaging insights into key business issues
  • Commentary on each case study (except Starter level) from the Cranfield School of Management
  • Support and flexibility across all six levels from the Student's Interactive Workbook, and the Teacher's DVD
  • Additional writing and reading materials available on the Business Result Teacher's Site
  • The Online Workbook gives teachers the tools to track student progress, provide more personalized learning and communicate with students outside class


“Business Result is excellent! It’s concise and up-to-date, and the DVD-ROM provides plenty of extra practice as well as all the audio and video for the students to use outside the classroom.” Natacha Kasaj – Chargée de Formation – Centre d’Etude de Langues -Pôle Formation CCI Colmar, Alsace, France.

Business Result combines a communicative approach with authentic business material and digital multi-media, to give in-work and pre-work students relevant and immediate communication skills.

Business Result's new video material brings the world of business into the classroom. Each unit includes a video clip that can be used as a focal point of discussion, to develop students' listening skills, introduce new vocabulary and teach the business communication skills that students need in context.

Business Result also provides skills and strategies for different business scenarios, such as talking to suppliers, entertaining customers, or updating colleagues. These help students to communicate confidently in everyday situations. They focus on key expressions, and then build up to a final task in which they put the new language into practice. Language and skills practice is available through activities in the Student's Book, the Workbook (available on DVD-ROM or online), and practice files on the Teacher's and Student's Websites.

The Online Workbook enables independent learning at a pace to suit each student. Students can check their own progress with automatic marking and can download the class audio as mp3s to listen to when not online. Teachers can track students' progress, and use the Discussion tool and topics provided to take teaching outside the classroom.

Case studies with the Cranfield Expert View (not applicable to Starter level) present profiles of genuine organizations to make the learning context more authentic. This helps students understand how they can adapt their new-found language to real working life.

Skills for Business Studies can optionally be added to the Business Result package, and provides academic skills practice for Business Studies students.