Business Venture 1 Elementary

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Business Venture 1 Elementary

Business Venture is a short business English course for professionals who need to communicate confidently across cultures and countries.

Business Venture teaches students to communicate using American and International English for a range of business situations. The course also helps students who are preparing for the TOEIC® test, with tips, tactics, and practice.

The third edition of Business Venture includes increased flexibility in the unit structure, more clarity in the unit layout, and 20 pages of additional practice for students taking the TOEIC® test.

  • Student Book Pack with Audio CD
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Workbook

Key features

  • Modular unit structure with either a functional or communicative focus
  • Clear structure and easy-to-follow layout in every unit
  • Supported speaking and listening practice throughout the course
  • 20 pages of additional TOEIC® test practice in the Student Book
  • Audio CD contains all listening activities from the Student Book, further listening practice, and access to an online TOEIC® practice test at
  • Culture file at the end of each unit includes useful tips about international customs and cultures
  • Teacher's Guide includes extra photocopiables for use in class, and progress tests to track students' development


Business Venture 3rd edition has been updated and revised, making it easier to prepare, and easier to teach.

Units follow a modular structure and can be taught in any order, according to students' needs. Each unit begins with a unique unit menu, which summarizes the key phrases, vocabulary, expressions, and skills practice for each module.

The course provides lots of supported speaking and listening practice, to build students' confidence and develop their communication skills. Additional exercises and activities in the Workbook give students more opportunity to apply the language and skills they have learnt.

Business Venture thoroughly prepares students for the TOEIC® test. There are 20 pages of additional training and practice material at the back of the Student's Book, which includes tips, tactics, and techniques to help students achieve the best possible results. The Audio CD contains all the listening activities from the coursebook, as well as access to an online TOEIC® practice test for further preparation.

The last module of every unit is a culture file, which teaches students about international business, and includes information and tips regarding different customs and cultures across the world. This increases students' knowledge and understanding of other people's values, and allows them to communicate appropriately and effectively, in business situations.