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Commercially Speaking

A thorough and practical course for students aiming to work in a commercial environment.

Key features

  • The course focuses on the key language and communication skills needed in the workplace, with the emphasis on commercial correspondence and telephoning practice.
  • The approach is skills-based, with the emphasis in the Student's Book on listening and speaking. The Workbook has greater emphasis on reading and writing tasks.
  • The grammar syllabus is practical and thorough. Language points are clarified in grammar boxes within the units, which are linked to more detailed language presentation in a Grammar Reference section at the back of the Student's Book.
  • A lively storyline about four young people who go into business together reflects students' experiences as they learn about the commercial world.
  • The consistent unit structure, clear layout and signposting makes the course easy to use. Each of the 13 units follows the same format: integrated reading and listening activities; practice in reading and producing commercial correspondence; and activities to develop telephoning skills.
  • Authentic material supports reading and speaking activities.