Oxford Business English Skills

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Key features

  • Each course looks at a common business function - presentations, meetings, telephoning, socializing and negotiating - and takes learners through a stage-by-stage analysis of the skills and language they need to perform these functions effectively in English.
  • The 30-minute video is the central component of each course. The video illustrates both bad and good versions of the core activity for analysis and discussion. It also acts as the focus for further transfer activities and language work, which are contained in the Student's Book.
  • Each unit is divided into three sections. The first section, Communication Skills identifies and practises the key communication skills of the course (e.g. telephoning). The Language Knowledge section focuses on useful language for performing these skills. The final Practice section gives students the opportunity to put both communication skills and language knowledge into practice in realistic tasks. Students are encou
  • Student's Book - realistic activities enabling students to develop their language and communication skills, answer key, complete tapescript of audio cassette, transcript of video
  • Teacher's Book - guidance to help the teacher make the best use of the different components of the course, detailed handling notes for the various activities in the classroom and during self-study time, help with monitoring learner output and giving feedback, extra, photocopiable materials
  • Audio Cassette - additional presentation extracts and listening activities which illustrate key language points
  • Video Cassette - one 30-minute Video Cassette for each course