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Oxford English for Careers: Nursing 1 Student's Book

Oxford English for Careers: Nursing 1 Student's Book

Format: Paperback

Nursing 1 teaches pre-work students to communicate accurately, in English, with patients and colleagues.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-456977-4
  • Pages: 136
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 276x210 mm

Nursing is ideal for pre-work students, studying at pre-intermediate to intermediate level, who will need to use English in work situations. It is also suitable for qualified nurses thinking of working in English-speaking countries.

Nursing develops the vocabulary, language, and skills that students will need when working in a medical environment. These include talking about the body, describing signs of illness, and conveying instructions to patients and colleagues.

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Key features

  • Authentic and up-to date information in every course, written and checked by industry insiders
  • Clear and straightforward structure, with each unit containing a menu of learning outcomes, and an end-of-unit checklist with 'Can do' tick boxes
  • Teaches English in context, so students practise the language and skills they need for the job in real work situations
  • Real-world profiles from genuine professionals in the 'It's my job' section offer authentic and engaging insights into the industry
  • Extra facts, figures, quotations, and specialist terminology included in the top margin of unit pages
  • Additional activities and tests in the Teacher's Resource Book make the course suitable for mixed-ability classes
  • The Teacher's Resource Book provides specialist background to the industry for every unit, as well as industry tips to support non-expert teachers
  • Project work in the Student's Book, additional activities on the Student's Site, and a Key words list of essential vocabulary at the end of every unit provide extra opportunities for revision


Nursing is suitable for trainee nurses, who are studying for a career in nursing, and for qualified nurses who are thinking of working in English-speaking countries, or have to deal with tourists. The course presents students with English from a variety of nursing fields, develops their communication skills, and provides background information in major medical and care concepts.

'Body Bits' focuses on a particular part or parts of the body, and extends students' vocabulary for talking about the body and its functions. The 'Signs and Symptoms' section focuses on common diseases and conditions that are relevant to a specific unit. This provides students with the necessary vocabulary for describing common signs of illness.

Listening and speaking skills are particularly emphasised and practised in Nursing, as these are essential for relations with patients. The 'Patient Care' section teaches students how to convey instructions to patients and their relatives in a sympathetic and clear way, especially if dealing with sensitive matters.

The course supports teachers in the vocational teaching situation, providing them with specialist background information for the medical industry.


1 The hospital team
Nursing in the UK, an admission, a job interview

2 In and around the hospital
Directions, the porter's office, on the ward

3 Hospital admissions
A patient record, bad handwriting, admitting a patient

4 Accidents and emergencies
Shock, instructions, emergency helpline

5 Pain
Areas of referred pain, questions to assess pain, pain chart, pain relief

6 Symptoms
Night coughing, researching symptoms, a helpline call, mystery syndromes

7 Caring for the elderly
The effects of ageing, a care home, assessing a patient

8 Nutrition and obesity
Nutrition, vitamins and minerals, food intake, eating disorders

9 Blood
The heart, forensic analysis, blood types, blood tests, blood pattern analysis

10 Death and dying
The body after death, breaking bad news, report of a death

11 Hygiene
MRSA, a hygiene report, test results, a hygiene inspection

12 Mental health nursing
Tourette syndrome, famous people suffering from mental illness, a case conference, schizophrenia

13 Monitoring the patient
Taking readings, hypothermia, a coma patient, a scan

14 Medication
Dosages, drugs which have changed history, patient medication

15 Alternative treatments
Medicinal plants, wild treatments, healers

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