Oxford English for Information Technology

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Oxford English for Information Technology

A course for students and people working in information technology

Second Edition

Oxford English for Information Technology is a course for students and IT professionals at intermediate level or above.

This Second Edition of Oxford English for Information Technology teaches students language skills in the context of computing and information technology. The course uses a range of authentic reading texts, listening material and structured tasks. Interviews with real IT professionals provide an authentic context and the comprehensive glossary develops students’ vocabulary.

  • Student’s Book
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Class Audio CD

Key features

  • Revised second edition features authentic texts that cover a range of IT topics
  • Lots of listening practice – including authentic interviews with IT professionals
  • Language work section in every unit teaches relevant grammar
  • Comprehensive glossary of IT terminology


Oxford English for Information Technology is a course for students at intermediate to advanced level who want to improve and extend their language skills in information technology.

Authentic material in the Student’s Book covers a wide range of IT topics, with content taken from textbooks, newspapers, popular computing magazines, Internet newsgroups, webpages, manuals and advertisements. Each unit contains work on a mixture of language skills and every fifth unit focuses specifically on developing listening skills through authentic interviews with IT professionals.

Additional longer specialist reading texts provide further practice for students already proficient in computing in their own language. The Student’s Book also includes a comprehensive glossary of IT terminology.

Not an IT specialist? No problem. The Teacher’s Guide includes a full introduction to the topic in each unit.