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Successful Series

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Successful Series

A video series teaching business communication skills for adult professionals.

The Successful Series is a video-led series which teaches students business communication skills.

The Successful Series is ideal for students at intermediate level or above who want to develop their business communication skills in meetings and presentations, as well as improving their English. The Successful DVD course takes students through the skill step-by-step using video clips which are then analysed. Students then use the tasks in the accompanying coursebook to put these skills into practice.

  • DVD and Student’s Book Pack
  • Trainer’s Guide – available online at

Key features

  • Business skills work combined with language work
  • Every unit includes a section on the skill, a section on language work, and a productive task
  • Expert commentary from business communication specialist Andrew Mallett
  • Useful strategies and suggestions for the skills covered
  • Eight reading texts summarize the main points of the unit at the back of the book


Successful Meetings in English and Successful Presentations in English are video-led courses with accompanying coursebooks. They can be used in class, or as self-study items.

The Successful DVD Series teaches students the skills they need for effective and confident communication in meetings and in presentations in English. Video clips illustrate the skills in action. Specialist communication coach Andrew Mallett lends his expertise in presenting and in business communication to the series, providing expert analysis for each clip.

The communication skills taught in the video and accompanying tasks can help both native and non-native users of English with their presentations and meetings. The language exercises in the coursebook are suitable for learners of English of an intermediate level or above.

There are eight units in each course which cover different aspects of the skill, such as preparing for a presentation, formal and informal meetings, and handling questions.

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Successful Meetings


Successful Meetings is a video-led course which teaches students to communicate ...

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978-0-19-476839-9 Successful Meetings DVD and Student's Book Pack