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Tech Talk: Pre-Intermediate

An English course for adult learners in the technical, industrial, and scientific sectors.

A pre-intermediate-level course for adult learners in the technical, industrial, and scientific sectors, who need English for everyday communication at work.

  • Part of: Tech Talk
  • Language Level: Pre-Intermediate (A2-B1)

Tech Talk gives learners the functional language they need for real-life, hands-on tasks in the technical, industrial, and scientific sectors.

Tech Talk is suitable for those working in production, development, maintenance, planning, purchasing, testing, logistics, and quality.

From maintenance to customer service, and from manufacturing to technical support, the focus of the course is always on getting the job done.

  • Student’s Book
  • Teacher’s Book
  • Workbook
  • Class Audio CD

Key features

  • Simple, needs-related grammar presented on a need-to-know basis for immediate communication
  • Vocabulary relevant to practical work situations
  • Short, interactive speaking tasks enable learners to use new language in hands-on contexts such as explaining purpose and giving instructions
  • Real help in telephoning, socializing, and reading technical information
  • Regular reviews and updates
  • Information and ideas for non-specialist teachers


Tech Talk Pre-Intermediate provides students with the English they need for a variety of work-related situations, such as describing a problem, giving instructions, discussing logistics, or explaining procedures.

The Student’s Book also includes a list of irregular verbs, an information file, and listening scripts.

There are seven Review and Remember sections, which appear after every three units, and encourage students to revise and recycle the language they have learnt.