Oxford studijní slovník

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Oxford studijní slovník

výkladový slovník angličtiny s českým překladem

Format: Mixed media format

A bilingual dictionary with definitions in English and translations in Czech. It covers general English plus curricular and academic vocabulary.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-430655-3

This Czech edition of the Oxford Student's Dictionary with interactive CD-ROM tells Czech learners in detail what they need to know about English. With reference and study skill pages, it also gives extra help to students who are studying other subjects in English.

This pack includes:

  • Dictionary
  • CD-ROM

Key features

  • Clear English definitions with Czech translations
  • Interactive CD-ROM with instant look up, pronunciation, reference pages, games and exercises
  • Oxford 3000™, the most important and useful words to learn, are marked with a key symbol
  • Helps students learn the vocabulary they need to study other subjects (e.g. biology, history, mathematics, tourism etc.)


With the CD-ROM students can:
  • Quickly and simply search for words on either the English or Czech sides of the dictionary
  • Listen to the pronunciation of each word in British or American English
  • Prepare for exams with practice tests and exercises
  • Improve their English through language games
  • Improve their academic writing and study skills using the reference pages
  • Learn to describe scientific and technical processes using the hundreds of diagrams and illustrations
  • Instantly find the meanings of words when they are on the Internet or working in Word documents