Oxford Wordpower: słownik angielsko-polski / polsko-angielski

Oxford Wordpower: słownik angielsko-polski / polsko-angielski

CD-ROM gratis

Format: Mixed media format

Updated and expanded edition of this popular dictionary with bilingual CD-ROM.

This edition has been enlarged to contain over 2,000 new English words, new study pages, and a 16-page full-colour supplement. The pack also contains a bilingual CD-ROM.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-431738-2

This pack includes:

  • Dictionary
  • CD-ROM

Key features

  • Semi-bilingual style (definitions in clear simple English together with Polish translations).
  • Revised Polish-English side with clear sense division and guidance in finding the right English word or expression.
  • A wealth of examples showing typical usage and common collocates.
  • Clear grammar labelling and usage notes.
  • A full colour supplement with illustrations of useful vocabulary.
  • Study pages and appendices on a range of topics, including false friends, and useful words and expressions for the oral Matura.