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Oxford Collocations Dictionary

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Oxford Collocations Dictionary

A corpus-based dictionary with CD-ROM which shows the most frequently used word combinations in British and American English.

Second Edition

Format: Paperback

The Oxford Collocations Dictionary shows which words work together. It helps students express their ideas naturally and convincingly and is particularly useful for academic and report writing.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-432538-7
  • Price: $ 48.40
  • Pages: 992
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 234x156 mm

With this dictionary students learn the most important collocations they need to know. The dictionary also guides them to the right word combination for their context. The CD-ROM includes the complete dictionary and practice exercises.

The word combinations are based on analysis of the Oxford English Corpus, a collection of three billion words of text from the English-speaking world that show the words that really do go together.

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  • Paperback and CD-ROM

Key features

  • Based on the Oxford English Corpus, a 2-billion word corpus that provides authoritative information on the most typical collocations.
  • Collocations only found in British or American English are clearly labelled.
  • Examples, using British and American English, show how collocations work in context.
  • Headwords printed in blue help you find the right word faster.
  • CD-ROM with the complete dictionary, a searchable index that makes it easy to find the collocation you are looking for, and practice exercises.
  • CD-ROM has pop-up definitions of every word included in the dictionary, with spoken pronunciation of British and American English.
  • Collocations grouped according to part of speech and meaning.
  • Usage notes show collocations shared by sets of words such as languages and seasons.
  • 16-page Study section.


The Oxford Collocations Dictionary improves students' accuracy by showing them the words that work together in both British and American English. Using the dictionary develops a better awareness of which words go together and helps students sound more natural.

The dictionary is an essential tool for students preparing for the Cambridge ESOL First Certificate or Proficiency Exam, IELTS, or studying other subjects in English which require writing in English e.g. reports for a science subject, economics.

Students look up a word they know to find which words are used with it. Each entry is organized around a word and its collocates. The collocates are grouped by part of speech - i.e. verbs that collocate with the entry are listed together. Students can look up the meaning of any unfamiliar words on the CD-ROM.

25 Usage notes show students collocations shared by sets of words such as seasons, currencies, and languages.

Interactive exercises on the CD-ROM and in the 16-page photocopiable Study section put the collocations into practice, helping students to internalise them so they no longer need to keep looking them up.


  • Fully-searchable 30,000-word index makes it easy to find collocates for any word in the dictionary
  • Extra entries and examples - 1000s of interactive exercises to practise using collocations
  • Pop-up definition and spoken pronunciation for every word in the dictionary

System requirements

Windows Vista ®: 1GHz Intel Pentium or compatible processor and 512 MB of system memory (1GB recommended)

Windows™ XP: 350MHz and 256 MB of system memory (512 MB recommended)

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