Diccionario Oxford Study 3e Pack Diccionario Spanish Study 3e Pack

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Diccionario Oxford Study 3e Pack Diccionario Spanish Study 3e Pack

Para estudiantes de inglés (Español-Inglés/Inglés-Español)

Third Edition

Format: Mixed media format

A new edition of this best-selling dictionary to develop students' skills for the Bachillerato and international exams.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-441941-3

Updated with 1000+ new entries and two new speaking and writing tools - iWriter and iSpeaker

Пакетът включва

  • Book
  • DVD


  • NEW iWriter (on DVD) and Writing Tutor (in the print dictionary) help students plan, write and review the types of written work required for Bachillerato and international exams.
  • NEW iSpeaker (on DVD) and Speaking Tutor (in the print dictionary) develop conversation skills and pronunciation with exam-style practice activities.
  • NEW Language Bank notes help students learn the vocabulary that will improve their writing for Bachillerato and international exams.
  • NEW 1000+ new entries, senses and expressions.
  • NEW Shows the Oxford 3000™ keywords, the most important and useful words to know in English.
  • NEW Topic Dictionary on DVD to encourage vocabulary development.
  • NEW Greater coverage of American English.

Прочети още

The Diccionario Oxford Study is written for Spanish-speaking learners of English. It tells learners in detail what they need to know about English, and how to use English.

The entries are selected on the basis of frequency and relevance to the learner's level and needs.

Entries and example sentences are informed by corpus research.


The DVD includes the full A-Z Dictionary plus:

iSpeaker, which helps students:
  • Prepare for speaking exams and oral presentations
  • Develop strategies for holding a conversation in English
  • Watch videos of British and American English sounds; conversations and exam-style tasks
  • Take part in dialogues
  • Record and listen to their voice and assess their own speaking skills

iWriter, which helps students:

Plan their written work by providing a framework to structure different types of writing tasks (plus model texts) for:
  • Comparison essay (4 types)
  • Argument essay (2 types)
  • Reporting on data (graphs)
  • Reporting on data (pie charts)
  • Report (long or short)Book/film review
  • Formal letter (general)
  • Formal letter (complaint)
  • CV or résumé (3 types)
  • Covering letter
  • Describing a process
  • Write their own task, with guidance on writing the introduction, linking paragraphs, and the conclusion. 'Language bank' notes help students find the right words to express ideas and opinions.
  • iWriter also helps students review their work. Students can check their essay before hiding the Oxford iWriter tips and framework and exporting to Word for printing and handing in.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows ® 7, Windows ® 8, Windows ® 10, Mac OS X 10.6-10.10

  • Disk space: full installation approx. 3 GB hard disk

  • Sound: Windows-compatible sound card with headphones or speakers

  • Graphics card with minimum VGA resolution and 1 GB or 2 GB RAM