Oxford American Dictionary for learners of English

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Oxford American Dictionary for learners of English

A dictionary for English language learners (ELLs) with CD-ROM that builds content-area and academic vocabulary

Format: Paperback

The dictionary experts at Oxford present a new range of American learners dictionaries specifically designed for English language learners.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-439972-2
  • Price: $ 21.00
  • Binding: Paperback

The Oxford American Dictionary for learners of English features:

Intermediate-High Intermediate
912 pages
42,000 words, phrases, & meanings
35,000 examples
3,000 core word vocabulary (Oxford 3000)
700 color illustrations
25 reference pages
Academic Word List labeled
Content Area words labeled
Interactive CD-ROM
16-page Writing Tutor in book, Oxford iWriter on CD-ROM

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  • Book
  • CD-ROM (only available with Oxford American Dictionary for learners of English)
  • Workbook

Key features

  • 42,000 words, phrases, and meanings with Academic Word List words and content area vocabulary in math, science, social studies marked
  • 3,000 keyword entries marked, showing the most important words to know in English (the Oxford 3000™)
  • 45 Reference pages including a 16-page Oxford Writing Tutor, information on punctuation, irregular verbs, geographical names, and more
  • 650 colour illustrations make it easy to learn related vocabulary
  • Note boxes with extra help throughout the dictionary - thesaurus, topic collocations, Academic Word List collocations, word-building
  • The Oxford iWriter on the CD-ROM shows students how to plan, write and check their written work. The CD-ROM also includes the full A-Z dictionary, spoken words, 'record your own voice' facility, Topic Dictionary and searchable picture dictionary, plus a pop-up Genie that looks up words when you are working in Word, in e-mails, and on the Internet.


Oxford's new American Dictionaries for learners of English offer students a dictionary that is just right for their level. Written specifically for students working to improve their English language skills, these dictionaries support English learners, struggling readers, and special education students with Basic to Advanced levels. Based on extensive research with U.S. teachers and language-learning experts, these three new dictionaries help students:

Transition from picture dictionaries more easily by using words they can understand for definitions and using illustrations for more difficult words.

Learn content area words from math, chemistry, biology, geography, etc.

Focus on the Academic Word List and the Oxford 3000TM(the most important words to learn in English).

Extend their vocabulary with extra help note boxes throughout the dictionary-help with related vocabulary synonyms, topic collocations, Academic Word List collocations, and word families, affixes, and more.

Write different types of texts in English, from resumes to e-mails to essays, with the Writing Tutor (Intermediate and Advanced levels only).

Included in each dictionary is a CD-ROM containing a separate Picture Dictionary and a Topic Dictionary, allowing students to search for words by content area or topic, and create their own topic dictionaries. The full A-Z dictionary is included with spoken headwords and a 'record your own voice' function for practicing pronunciation.


An A-Z dictionary with spoken headwords, Topic Dictionary, Picture Dictionary, and Oxford iWriter to develop writing skills.

Only available with Oxford American Dictionary for learners of English.

The Oxford American Dictionary CD-ROM with Oxford iWriter includes the full A-Z dictionary, spoken words, a searchable Picture Dictionary, a Topic Dictionary and the option to create personal word lists. A pop-up Genie gives the meaning of words when you are working in Word, in e-mails, and on the Internet.

The Oxford iWriter shows students how to plan, write and review different types of written work, from argument essays to presentations, r?sum?s, and cover letters.

Key Features
· Search the complete A-Z dictionary, hear the headwords pronounced, then use 'record and listen' to practise pronunciation

· Learn more related vocabulary using the searchable Picture Dictionary

· Learn the 3,000 keywords (the most important words to know in English), marked with a key symbol, and Academic Word List words, marked with an AWL symbol

· Search words by topic, and create personal word lists to build vocabulary faster

· Develop writing skills with the Oxford iWriter, which shows students how to plan, write and review their written work

· Use the pop-up Genie when working in Word, in e-mails, or on the Internet to check the meaning of words and to hear them pronounced.

System requirements
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (350MHz, 256 MB RAM); Macintosh OS X 10.4, 59MHz, 256 MB RAM.

Oxford iWriter

A learner's dictionary with Oxford iWriter on CD-ROM that builds vocabulary and develops writing skills. The Oxford American Dictionary Vocabulary Builder provides additional vocabulary skills training.

The Oxford iWriter (available only on the Oxford American Dictionary CD-ROM) guides students through the stages of planning, writing and reviewing a range of different written tasks. There are models for each task type, showing structure, notes and sample content. There's advice on choosing the right language, how to use language in order to sound more formal, more objective, or to avoid repetition.

When students start their own writing, they choose their task type from the list of options. These include:

Writing a comparison essay
Writing an argument essay
Writing a report
Writing a book or movie review
Writing a formal letter
Writing a résumé and cover letter

The Oxford iWriter shows the structure for the task type, and provides checklists to guide students through the planning, writing and checking stages. When they finish writing, they save and export their work as a .txt file. Oxford iWriter's structure disappears, and only the student's work remains. They can open the exported file in an application such as Word to run a spell check and check formatting before printing or emailing their work to their teacher.

Watch a presentation of the Oxford American Dictionary and CD-ROM with Oxford iWriter.

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