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Oxford Essential Dictionary

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Oxford Essential Dictionary

A new edition of the corpus-based dictionary with or without CD-ROM that builds essential vocabulary

Second Edition

Updated with new words, Oxford Essential Dictionary is a corpus-based dictionary of the essential vocabulary learners need at elementary to pre-intermediate level. Now with NEW iGuide on CD-ROM.

Oxford Essential Dictionary gives all the essential help and information elementary and pre-intermediate learners need.

Updated with 200 NEW words, Oxford Essential Dictionary includes over 24,000 words, phrases, and meanings.

2,000 of the most important words in English are marked as keywords, so students know which words to learn first.

Notes give extra help with grammar, pronunciation, and spelling.

The CD-ROM includes the full dictionary, Picture Dictionary, exam preparation (KET) exercises, language games, a Speaking Dictionary, and NEW iGuide, an interactive tutorial to help students explore dictionary entries.

  • Dictionary
  • Dictionary with CD-ROM

Key features

  • 200 new words
  • Over 24,000 words, phrases and meanings
  • 13,000 examples help students use words correctly
  • NEW iGuide on CD-ROM, an interactive tool to help students explore dictionary entries
  • 2,000 keywords, marked with a key symbol, show students the most important words to learn first
  • 500 Notes on spelling, grammar, and pronunciation help students avoid mistakes
  • 16-page colour Picture Dictionary, organized in useful lexical sets such as food and drink, animals, transport
  • Look-Listen-Watch CD-ROM with thousands of spoken words and examples, indexed Picture Dictionary
  • 16-page Study section gives extra help on topics such as letter writing and talking about dates and numbers, with practice for international exams such as Cambridge English Key, Starters, Movers, and Flyers


The Oxford Essential Dictionary helps learners understand what words mean and how to use them correctly. It is written by a team of specialist lexicographers with international experience in teaching English.

This new edition includes 200 new words to reflect today’s English, for example upload, interactive whiteboard, and LOL.

Over 24,000 words, phrases and meanings include the equivalent word in American English (cash machine/ATM, aubergine/eggplant, wallet/billfold) and 200 new words in this edition.

The dictionary focuses on the essential information that elementary and pre-intermediate learners need most. It identifies the 2,000 most important words to know, taken from the Oxford 3000™*. These 2,000 words are used as the defining vocabulary, so explanations are easy to understand. They are listed in the back of the dictionary to use as a revision checklist or as a basis for a vocabulary syllabus.

Corpus-based examples show how words work in practice, helping students use words correctly.

The 500 blue note boxes help students with culture, grammar, pronunciation, speaking, spelling, and word building. Which Word? notes help with easily confused words and common errors (e.g. accept/except, among/between).

Over 400 photos, cartoons, and drawings make difficult words easy to understand.

The 16-page Picture Dictionary, included in the dictionary, shows words in lexical sets covering transport, animals, the body, clothes, food and drink, meals, fruit, vegetables, house, school, jobs, shops, sports and hobbies, and weather. You can search the indexed Picture Dictionary on the CD-ROM.

Students preparing for the Cambridge ESOL Starters, Movers, Flyers or Cambridge English Key exams will find plenty of practice in the 16 Study pages and on the CD-ROM. The Study pages also focus on prepositions of place and of movement, numbers, time and dates, telephoning, words that go together, education, health, writing letters and emails, and filling in forms.

The dictionary also includes 13,000 corpus-based examples and over 1,000 synonyms and opposites.

The Oxford Essential Dictionary Look-Listen-Watch CD-ROM gives you two dictionaries on one CD-ROM: the full A-Z dictionary and searchable Picture Dictionary.

The CD-ROM includes the new iGuide, an interactive tutorial helping students explore the information in dictionary entries.

There are also language exercises and games for students to use at home, and a pop-up Genie to give the meaning of words students find when using the Internet or Word documents.

Download free worksheets to help your students get the most from using the Oxford Essential Dictionary.

* Oxford 3000™. These words are the most important because they occur frequently in the language, are widely used (in science, arts, spoken English, etc), or because there are no alternative words to express the same meaning (for example, vegetables, hungry, aunt). Oxford 3000™ keywords are used in the Oxford Wordpower Dictionary, 3rd edition, and the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 7th and 8th editions.


With the Oxford Essential Dictionary CD-ROM students can:
  • Search the complete Oxford Essential Dictionary
  • Hear the words spoken in British and American English
  • Listen to thousands of spoken examples at keyword entries
  • Record their own voice to practise pronunciation
  • Use the NEW iGuide to explore information in the dictionary entries with the interactive tutorial
  • Prepare for the Starters, Movers, Flyers, and Cambridge English Key for Schools exams with games and exercises
  • Search the Picture Dictionary, with hundreds of illustrations, including video
  • Look up words they don’t know and hear them pronounced when using the internet or reading Word documents with the pop-up Oxford Genie

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Oxford Essential Dictionary Digital Vocabulary Resources


Updated with new words, Oxford Essential Dictionary is a corpus-based dictionary...

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978-0-19-441921-5 Oxford Essential Dictionary Digital Vocabulary Resources

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