Oxford Picture Dictionary Content Area for Kids Teacher's Edition

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Oxford Picture Dictionary Content Area for Kids Teacher's Edition

Format: Paperback

This complete language development program presents and reinforces the content vocabulary and academic language that are required for students to think, speak, read and write about social studies, science, and math.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-401780-0
  • Price: $ 79.20
  • Pages: 376
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 279x216 mm

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Key features

  • Clear instructional routines ensure sound lesson structure and effective classroom management
  • Topic-based conatent support for the instructor provides presentation models for teaching content with learner-accessible language
  • Differentiation, grammar, and academic language notes help teachers provide customized instruction
  • Includes a customizable lesson plan CD-ROM to quickly and easily create plans for a variety of curricular needs
  • Kate Kinsella's instructional routine


Accelerate your students' Academic Language Development with the second edition of the Oxford Picture Dictionary for the Content Areas for Kids program. This research-based program: Is flexible enough to be used in any teaching situation. Provides explicit instruction through research-based routines by Kate Kinsella. Makes vocabulary with the academic language learners need to be successful. Is standards based and aligned to the Common Core State Standards and other leading research on what works most effectively.

Part of... Oxford Picture Dictionary Content Areas for Kids

The Oxford Picture Dictionary for the Content Area for Kids builds direct, explicit, multifaceted vocabulary instruction using rich visuals and brings meaning and context to words to activate learning for English Learners.

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