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Oxford Picture Dictionary Content Areas for Kids

Accelerates Academic Language Development

Second Edition

The Oxford Picture Dictionary for the Content Area for Kids builds direct, explicit, multifaceted vocabulary instruction using rich visuals and brings meaning and context to words to activate learning for English Learners.

  • Workbook
  • Reproducible Collection
  • Teacher's Edition
  • Classroom Presentation Tool
  • Classroom Audio CD
  • Assessment CD-ROM
  • Kids' Readers

Key features

  • Dictionary teaches more than 1,000 words using 70 topics, grouped into 9 thematic units. Includes the language of home, school, social studies, science, and math
  • Workbook includes vocabulary and academic language practice for every Dictionary topic
  • Reproducibles Collection includes pre-reading, reading, post-reading, and writing practice, plus more than 800 word and picture cards
  • Teacher's Edition is based on research-based instructional routines. It is structured in a wraparound format with four pages of instructions per topic
  • Audio CDs contain clear pronunciation of Dictionary terms and readings
  • Assessment CD-ROM contains customizable tests for every topic
  • Kid's Readers extend vocabulary and reading practice


Accelerate your students' Academic Language Development with the second edition of the Oxford Picture Dictionary for the Content Areas for Kids program.

This research-based program:
  • Is flexible enough to be used in any teaching situation
  • Provides explicit instruction through research-based routines by Kate Kinsella
  • Makes vocabulary with the academic language learners need to be successful
  • Is standards based and aligned to the Common Core State Standards and other leading research on what works most effectively


You can also access the Oxford Picture Dictionary: Content Areas for Kids, 2e Student Edition in an e-Book format. Through print, mobile or online editions, we can help you integrate an academic language development strand into your curriculum.

The Oxford Picture Dictionary: Content Areas for Kids e-Book:
  • Offers native language support with bilingual Spanish text and audio
  • Engages students with the content through an interactive typing feature
  • Facilitates text search and dictionary look up

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