Oxford Placement Test

Oxford Placement Test

For fast, accurate placement testing

Format: Online resource (Oxford English Testing)

The quick, easy and reliable way to test your students' English level.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-457154-8

Test your students' English level, quickly and easily, with the Oxford Placement Test. Automatically marked, it gives accurate, reliable and instant results, so you can be confident of placing students in the right class for their language level. With British English and American English options, you can match the way you test your students to the way they learn English. Results include a CEFR level, a score out of 120, and the time taken. Since the test is taken online, students can do it at home or in school.

Key features

  • Developed by experts, and pretested worldwide, ensuring accurate and reliable results
  • For students aged 16 years and above.
  • The test is online - so students can take it at home or at school.
  • Automatic marking and instant results - test students in the morning, start teaching them the same day.
  • Includes a Use of English section and a Listening section, with separate scores for each.
  • Scored in a variety of ways to help you make the right placement decision: by CEFR level, a score out of 120, time taken, and language proficiency descriptors.
  • British English and American English options to suit your students; select a mix of accents for the Listening tasks.
  • Customizable management tools, making it easy to administer the test and manage the results.
  • Short yet accurate: the test is computer adaptive, so students only answer questions relevant to their language level.


What it tests

The Oxford Placement Test is in two parts - Use of English and Listening. Students are tested on their knowledge of grammatical form and vocabulary in the Use of English section, as well as their listening skills in the Listening section. In addition, both sections test how well students understand the meaning of what is being communicated. Understanding meaning is fundamental to communication and is an excellent indicator of language ability.

The test is designed for students aged 16 years and above. The topics, situations, and associated grammar and vocabulary are age appropriate and suitable for teenage and adult learners.

Language options

You can test in British English or American English making it more realistic for your students. Test the Use of English section in British or American English and select a mix of accents in the Listening section: 100% British English, 100% American English, or a 50/50 mix of the two. This gives you the flexibility to test different groups and to match the way you test students to the way they use and experience English.

How it works

The test is computer-adaptive, which means that it selects an easier or more difficult question depending on whether the previous answer was wrong or right. This makes the test shorter than a pen and paper test. Students will be asked between 40 and 45 questions, depending on their level. The test is timed and you can set the timer between 50 and 90 minutes to suit different students.

From the Learning Management System (LMS), you download and print or email the log in details to your students. The test is automatically marked as students answer each question, giving you an instant result when they have finished.

Test scores

You can view scores in a variety of ways: by CEFR level (A0 (Pre-A1) to C2), a score out of 120, time taken, and language proficiency descriptors. Separate scores are also given for the Use of English and Listening sections as well as an overall score. This helps you easily spot whether students are stronger or weaker in one of these areas.

Reliable and valid

The test has been pretested and validated by more than 19,000 students across 60 countries. We use the results of pretesting to remove, or make changes to, any test questions that aren't working. This rigorous analysis ensures the test gives accurate and reliable results. Our pretesting research is ongoing so that we can keep the test up-to-date.

Simple to administer

User-friendly management tools make it easy to administer the test, and to manage the results. You can email login details to students for them to take the test remotely, or print login slips for them to take the test at school.

You can also customise the test results to help you with placement decisions. Add your own registration questions, such as a student's country of origin or native language. These are then shown in one table with the test results. If your school has its own system of categorising students, you can correlate the test results to those categories to appear with the test results.

System requirements

Read the recommended specifications for your computer. You can also do an automatic system check which will tell you whether your computer can show the test questions and play the audio for the listening questions.