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CAE Result

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CAE Result

The Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) course that inspires students to better exam results

A Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) course with a fresh design, high-level support for teachers, and multi-media components.

CAE Result is a complete preparation course for the Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) exam. It uses thought-provoking topics and vibrant images to keep your students motivated.

Key features

  • Vibrant design with high-impact visuals keeps students motivated.
  • Integrated dictionary skills work encourages independent study.
  • Regular 'How to do it' boxes teach students how to approach exam tasks.
  • Workbook Resource Pack MultiROM provides access to two online CAE practice tests with interactive support.
  • Teacher's Pack includes Assessment Booklet with DVD and a Using Dictionaries booklet.


Not only does CAE Result give you all you need to prepare your students for the exam, it also gives your students the tools to prepare online at home. The Workbook includes access to two online practice tests. These cover the same papers and parts as the real exam, and are fully supported with interactive features such as: automatic marking, instant feedback, integrated dictionary definitions, exam tips, sample written answers, and more.

The online practice builds students' confidence and gives them a chance to learn from their mistakes.