First Certificate Masterclass

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First Certificate Masterclass

Challenging topics for ambitious Cambridge English: First (FCE) candidates.

One of the most successful Cambridge English: First (FCE) courses available, providing a stimulating approach for the ambitious FCE candidate. Now includes online practice and iTools.

First Certificate Masterclass is designed to challenge motivated students. The course approach encourages them to be independent learners, providing opportunities for bringing their own experience into their learning. Online Skills Practice reinforces the work you do in class. This can be managed by you, or students can do it as self-study. Use iTools on your interactive whiteboard to bring a fresh approach to teaching.

  • Student's Book
  • Student's Book with Online Skills Practice Pack
  • Workbook Resource Pack with MultiROM (with key)
  • Workbook Resource Pack with MultiROM (without key)
  • Teacher's Pack with Speaking DVD
  • Class Audio CDs
  • iTools

Key features

  • Plenty of practice of all exam tasks – but without overt labelling, to avoid 'exam fatigue'.
  • Online Skills Practice with ‘Speak and record’, and draft writing practice.
  • iTools : extra materials for your interactive whiteboard.
  • Detailed dos and don'ts and tips on how to approach FCE tasks.
  • A greater emphasis on vocabulary, to match expectations of students at this level.
  • Speaking DVD shows Speaking test with real students, with examiners' comments.
  • Writing Guide contains model answers and ideas for Paper 2, clearly matched to each writing style.
  • Tests and photocopiable activities available online.
  • Two online FCE practice tests available via the Workbook MultiROM.
  • Online practice tests feature automatic marking and instant feedback, integrated dictionary definitions, exam tips, and more.


A stimulating and thorough approach to language learning, combined with focused exam preparation, has made First Certificate Masterclass one of the most successful and popular FCE courses available.

As well as covering all the essential ground, the course fosters student autonomy throughout. Rather than merely listing grammar rules, the materials encourage students to work them out for themselves. A freer approach to practice means that students' own views count: they can talk about themselves, and bring in their own experiences, and this in turn helps stimulate ideas for Writing and Speaking. Personalisation also enables students to practise exam tasks without feeling they are just being 'groomed' for exam success.

Online Skills Practice

The Student's Book is now available with or without Online Skills Practice plus an online practice test. Online Skills Practice builds on the work in the Student's Book, providing additional training exercises for each paper of the exam, followed by practice of exam-type tasks. The practice test reflects the real exam and will help your students to improve their exam-taking skills.

The Online Skills Practice and online practice test can be used for self-study, or managed by you. For self-study, students benefit from the interactive 'help' tools, such as automatic marking with instant answers, online dictionary look-up, exam tips, audio scripts, sample answers and useful language.

If you prefer, you can manage students' online practice yourself via the free Learning Management System (LMS). With the LMS, you can switch off the help tools for assessment purposes, or keep them on for supported learning.