First Certificate Skills: Use of English

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First Certificate Skills: Use of English

Thorough preparation for the Cambridge English: First (FCE) Use of English Paper, providing in-depth coverage and extensive exam practice.

    • Student's Book
    • Online Workbook
    • Online FCE Practice Test

Key features

  • Extra vocabulary practice focuses on phrasal verbs, collocations, word formation, and word sets.
  • Extensive practice of Cambridge English: First (FCE) Paper 3 tasks.
  • Four complete Cambridge English: First Use of English Papers.
  • Notes on common learner errors.


  • "New Fast Class student's book contains ten units covering the four language skills, a focus on the Use of English and revision exercises. The book boasts some excellent word-formation exercises and useful ideas for guided writing practice.

    The most exciting and innovative aspect of the material is the online workbook. Students can use these materials as part of their course, or independently for self-study. They receive an access code at the back of their book. Some of the material is quite lively, while some is rather mechnanical. Definitely of interest to students studying for the First Certificate in English examination."

    EL Gazette, December 2010


Use the Learning Management System (LMS) to assign the Online Workbook exercises and the FCE practice test as homework. You will then see your students' marks and be able to identify common weaknesses. Review just those problem areas in class and have more time to focus on the Student's Book.

You'll also be able to assign the online practice test as a mock exam without support features and with a timer on, or as practice with support features and no timer.

If you prefer not to use the LMS, your students can use the Online Workbook and practice test independently for self-study.