IELTS Practice Tests

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IELTS Practice Tests

Four Practice Tests for the IELTS exam

Four practice tests with exam skills training and practice, and detailed explanations of answers. Now with extra online exam practice.

These four tests closely replicate the level, content and presentation of the IELTS Listening, Academic Reading, Academic Writing, and Speaking modules. Strategies and skills exercises provide guidance on how to approach each task. Includes access to extra test practice at

Key features

  • Factfile about the IELTS exam, including tips and hints
  • Strategies provide a detailed procedure for each IELTS task
  • Improve your skills exercises emphasise the correct approach for each task
  • Sample answers for each task in the Academic Writing modules
  • With key edition includes audio CDs, and access to an online IELTS practice test at
  • Without key edition includes access to selected online IELTS exam practice extract at


Practice tests help your students know what to expect in the exam, feel more confident and improve their results. Tests 1 and 2 are focused on training, but all four tests can be used under exam conditions, provided the Strategies and Improve your skills sections are used for review rather than preparation.

The online exam practice at gives students a chance to study at home with instant support at the click of a button. This includes automatic marking with feedback on answers, an online dictionary look-up, exam tips, audio scripts, sample answers and useful language for the Speaking test.

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With explanatory key and Audio CDs (2) Pack


Four practice tests with answer keys, Audio CD and an online exam practice test....

ISBN Title
978-0-19-457531-7 IELTS Practice Tests: With explanatory key and Audio CDs (2) Pack