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Oxford Preparation and Practice for Cambridge English

Preparing students for the revised 2020 exam

First Edition

Exam preparation titles to prepare students for Cambridge English Qualifications in conjunction with a main course book in class or for self-study. These materials offer a combination of systematic training activties and practice tests to ensure that students are well prepared and confident for the exam.

Available for Cambridge English:

  • A2 Key for Schools (for revised 2020 exam)
  • B1 Preliminary (for revised 2020 exam)
  • B1 Preliminary (for revised 2020 exam)
  • B2 First
  • Available with or without answer key.

    Key features

    • Exam-training tasks and tips for every part of the exam.
    • 7 practice tests: 6 tests in this book and access to 1 online practice test.
    • Online practice test with automatic marking, instant feedback on answers and tips to support independent learning.
    • Audio for listening tests as MP3 files to download online.
    • Explanatory answer key with model Writing answers and comments to improve students’ confidence.